Seimistu vs. sanwa

i know the majority will say that this all preference. i just wanna know peoples personal experiences and what they prefer. i ,as of today, have purchased a standard edition and i am on the fence as which stick to purchase concerning my mod. i want to know what peoples opinions are. i will be plaving my order tommorrow. right now im playing with stock stick and wish to know what type of difference i should expect. will it be a drastic or a suttle difference?

I know you can’t search right now but check the stickies first

ugh… just buy w/e u want…

I read or heard somewhere that it’s like picking between coke and pepsi…it’s a matter of preference

Really though, this topic has been done to death.

How can you expect someone to tell you what joystick you like better? It just can’t be done. Buy both, that is what I did, and see which one you like better.


As for preference though, they’re pretty much the same thing to me, but I like sanwas because of the modifiable tops and from what I’m noticing anoctagonal gate that doesn’t have a big opening. Seimitsu’s are good too though and seem sturdier to me, probably because of a stronger spring.

Happ IL.


Not so great for mods though, unfortunately… :frowning:

Yes I totally agree that the choice would be down to personal preference, but what if you don’t have any preferences yet because you have not tried them? What if the sf4 SE stick is one’s first stick and desires to mod for the better? So can somebody try to explain what are the DIFFERENCES between sanwa and seimitsu rather than which is better? People’s personal opinions on the differences would help alot of stick newbies in making their decisions.

If you’re used to American style sticks, I would still suggest a Sanwa JLF with an octangonal gate. Square gates could be a pain if you don’t take the time to adjust your motions and adapt which could take several practice session just to double qcf when you could do it normally on a American stick easily. The Seimistu I have mixed feelings about, but I don’t know if it’s just the leaf switches or what, but that joystick feels like I HAVE to follow the entire gate to get half circle motions to come out. Most Japanese sticks don’t take much force to activate the directions you need, that’s why I’d recommend the JLF, LS-32-01 has really weird diagonals and a short throw which feels great at first until start doing stuff other than qcf motions. This is just comes from my personal experience.

I think you just meant to say iL. Screw Chinapp.

JLF: Feels very fluid. Going through basic motions feels silky, but to me requires a little bit more wrist action than an LS-32. Less force is required to move in any direction than a LS-32. Feels very sturdy, solid. Spring tension is a little on the loose side, but can be modified if not to your liking.

LS-32: Feels more rigid than a JLF. Feels very mechanical. Requires more force to move in any direction than a JLF does. Feels pretty sturdy, but not as sturdy as a JLF. Going through basic motions feels very smooth after you learn not to “ride the gate”. Has a good, natural feeling spring tension.

Kind of hard to describe actually heh.