Seimitsu .110 lug nut problem in Te fightstick

whats up srk. well I recently modded my TE fightstick in late november with plexi and the works. So i bought these seimitsu PS-14-KN (if thats any useful) pushbuttons with .110 lugs. They are great buttons and all but my Heavy punch button keeps getting loose and swivels around. I opened the stick up a couple times to fix it and its fine for like about 3-4 weeks then it comes out again. Is there a permanent solution to get the lug nut from getting loose or is it the buttons fault??

loctite or other gunk will work

i was thinking of loctite but i want to eventually replace the buttons after they get old

nursing tape u can buy from longs or other drug store is a very thin plastic tape so to speak cut a small piece and hug the thread then put the nut over itll stay put also

o sweet il check that out! thanks for the idea

You can also get the teflon tape for threads at an automotive store. Anywhere where they sell air powered tools.