Seimitsu are pricks


So I just got some Smoke PS-14-KN. Little did I know, the microswitch was different from the PS-14-K snap in and the 24 mm PS-14-DNK both of which I’m more familiar with. Argh! What gives? Why on earth would they do that? I guess I should have checked first or noticed the image switch looked slightly larger (thought it could have been a different angle) so my fault, but damn Seimitsu, why bro? I used to love you :frowning: I guess I still love you, but I’m sad today.

After just spending a pretty good sum of money on OBS-M-1 assemblies, I feel like a total ass because they don’t fit.

So I guess I have some options. I could put the assembly into the barrel and loctite thread locker it into place, which means the plunger can still rest on the top and not wobble. I could add nylon washers between the sides to make them wider, and set the plunger perpendicular to the assembly so it engages, though this leaves the plunger a bit wobbly, but functional. It would still need a dab of loctite to stop it from sliding. Or I could use the PS-14-G switch it came with, though I don’t want to do that for a number of reasons.



This is the best thread on SRK.


How dare those bastards expect people to actually do a modicum of research before buying their products? I mean seriously, they should anticipate people buying buttons and mail people flash cards with all the info on it to prevent such a glaring problem. I agree with you man, Seimitsu are pricks.


The gaul of Seimitsu providing options!!! DAMN THEM!! You see the caps, i am mad.


I actually did a good bit of research on every other style of button I was looking at and the Omron assembly Sanwa makes. The other buttons I bought I’m happy with, because I knew before hand from their model number that they had different switches. I was just surprised the PS-14-DNK and the PS-14-K used completely different switches from the PS-14-KN, the only difference I thought being snap in vs a nut holding them in place, since they have the same exact model number with the exception of the N, for nut.

Anyway, I just thought maybe some people might get a laugh out of my misfortune.

I’ll post a follow up once I figure out what I’m going to do.


Cool story bro, listen here. On planet earth, when products have different variations in their model numbers; assume anything and everything is DIFFERENT. All day, erryday.


Obviously lesson learned, though many other products with models in a series are often differentiated by a place holder letter or number. Usually the base is the same with something added to make it different, which I thought in this case, the N meant it had a nut but everything else was the same as the base model number. This is true for many things, for example Omron switches will have a base model # and a variation somewhere detailing a difference, like Omron V-10-G2-1C24K (medium lever actuator) having the same base as the V-10-G1-1C24K (short lever actuator)

Oh well.


I know right?
I can now add Seimitsu to my list of Prick Companies.

Yo, check it.
PS-14-G and PS-14-GN.

What the dick man?
Why the PS-14-G made stupidly flat?
How come the Screw-in not flat like the Snap-in?


Why is the Ball Top naming so weird?
LB-30 and LB-35 and LB-45 makes sense.
The numbers designate the diameter of the ball.

But yo.
LB-39 and LB-49?
Those are not even the diameter numbers!
Those are actually 35mm and 45mm Ball Top in the clear bubble version





Hope you’re not put in the hole for too much man. In the future if you think you may take a hit try what I’ve done recently, just get one of each button you’re interested in (or whatever parts/endeavor you’re on) and just be able to hold ONE in your hand. You may still take a loss but it’s like 10% at the worst in comparison.


Bro who else can we add to our list of Prick Companies? I’m graduating Seimitsu to the TOP for LB-39 nonsensicalness! Y not LB-35-B?



I’m also nominating Sanwa for not having screw-ins for their clears. And why are their nuts so big? Why can’t they be more sleek, like how Seimitsu has small nuts?


Nah, I got it figured out already. I just did a test with some spacers and it’s pretty stable. I just need to get to the hardware store soon to buy some nylon nuts and bolts. I’ll upload pics when I get a chance.


So that they can brag about having bigger nuts than Seimitsu.

Sanwa: Hey, you know what’s bigger?
Seimitsu: What?
Sanwa: Deeznuts!


i agree with you, those little bastards! PRICK!!!


OBSC’s break easily.


dem flatbuttons


what’s wrong with being flat? :v


SANWA with the JLF-TRG-8YTH-SK are the real pricks charging $80 for a silent stick and doesn’t even have a pcb I don’t think the original flash1 retailed for that much


I would rather buy everyone ear plugs than pay $80 for a sanwa stick especially when 90% of it is the standard JLF. Just another company getting greedy.


Agreed. Even though the reed switches are expensive, I’m sure Sanwa gets them in bulk for way cheaper than we do ordering a set of 4 off or something. And they can even order terminal versions to solder to PCB rather than forcing QD on everyone, it isn’t like they don’t already have manufacturing set up for soldering switches to PCB’s.


Sanwa Denshi are the real pricks! I like the clicky noises, why take that from us? :nono: