Seimitsu Astro Panel - JLF mountable?


I’m currently bidding on Yahoo auctions for a 2 player panel and I would like to use JLFs and Sanwa push buttons on it. It’s going to be an alternate panel for my stock HSS-0130 Astro (which will remain seimitsu).

Also for anyone familiar with the HSS-0130 and modding it, based on photos on the net it definitely can use Sega arcade panels but is there anything else I should know?

Btw I live in Japan so we don’t need the discussion on using Yahoo auctions.


show pics of the panel, older astro city panels need the two-bolt JLF-P1-S mounting plate for JLF’s (these have artwork which have the SEGA logo by itself, not “licensed by SEGA”), the later seimitsu sega panels have the standard brackets similar to most Hori sticks. And for good measure the sanwa sega panels tend to have a smaller mount specifically for JLF’s (where the JLF doesnt use a mounting plate, just the two “wings” on the jlf body)

as for modding a HSS-0130, yeah its a direct drop-in replacement, nothing to worry about, instruction strip is similar size too, if you wanna complete the look and get the stock astro city “instruction space” insert


Here’s the auction:

Hopefully I can win it.


You’re gonna need these:



I might want to make a custom Tekken 7 or SFV insert or try to figure out how to fit my HnK reproduction inserts in instead.

I wonder if I can buy those mounts from Mak-Japan or G-Front.

Edit: if I can win it, think that rust can be cleaned up?


I didn’t win that panel but I’m bidding on these:

And watching this panel:


I won the Versus City panel in addition to that other panel. What do I need to know for mounting a JLF on it?

Edit: it looks like the Versus City panel in said auction that I won already has a Sanwa mounting plate?


Hard to tell without seeing the mount, could be a direct install, could need a mount plate adapter.


That Versus City panel is for Sanwa JLF only, no mounting plate needed… you can also install Seimitsu LS-55’s, LS-58’s & LS-56’s with VF mounting plates.


I took photos of the Versus panel.

So like what Voldom says, I just buy the JLF without a mounting plate?

Like this one?


Vanity question here, which is better:

Dark Hai Balltop + 30mm Buttons
Yellow 24mm Button


Black Balltop + 30mm Buttons
Red 24mm Button