Seimitsu buttons stick

I just finished building my first custom stick, with a polycarbonate panel. The problem I’m having is that the Seimitsu buttons I’m using are sticking. Not too much, but when compared to the Sanwa buttons in my TE, it’s drastic. The problem seems to be the plunger is rubbing against the cylinder. I was wondering if there was any way to lubricate the buttons, or should I just try sanding the button holes some more to make them fit better?

sanding the button holes ofc, what a thread oO .

Eh, but messing with the buttons would be easier. I’ve been fighting with those holes more than you would think. It was just a question really, seeing as the sanwas work fine in the holes, just not the seimitsus.

Ah ok, so you tried the sanwas with your new plexi, that wasn’t evident from your first post.
When you remove the seimitsus out of the plexisheet and just click them in your hand, do they work properly?
Do you feel a resistance while pushing the seimitsu buttons through the hole? As you mentioned, if the hole is to small, the buttons become deformed and do not work properly.
I have both brands of buttons in use, I never noticed a difference in diameter, it should be exactly 30mm. Are both of them screw in buttons with a nut? maybe screw in buttons are a little bit wider then the other ones with clip mechanism.
I would just sand the holes, it’s easier then modifying the buttons, or you can just use a round file ! works very good.

Ah, ok. That’s more what I was looking for. There is a bit of resistance when they are removed, but it’s hard to tell. They are both snap-ins. I’ll just to be patient I guess. I’ll try out a round file, that might help get the holes cleaner. I think the buttons might be getting deformed as you had mentioned. Thanks for the tip and I’ll give it a shot.

Once I cut the holes in the artwork real sloppy. And the rough paper edges got into the side holes disrupting button movement. Try there.

I had problems with holes too small and or egg shaped holes causing problems. just make the holes bigger and rounder. I really hope you did not get any shop dust or bits of plastic/metal etc… inside your buttons. I remove everything and store my parts in another room when I work on enclosures. mostly cause its a metal shop but I think the same logic applies.

It is possible that I got dust in them. I’m going to disassemble them and try to clean them. That may help a bit.

anything is possible. you may even have dust in the momentary switch that is inside the button. much easier to prevent it then to fix it. I know this doesn’t help you now though sorry.

Hey, it’s cool. I appreciate all the input. If all else fails, I’ll use the sanwas from my other stick and use those as my main buttons. There’s a lot of things I would of done differently, but didn’t really think about until afterwards. That’s just one more thing. Either way it’s been a frustrating but fun project.

Lolled at this thread because i just came up to SRK to open one for this problem.
I have a 8 button layout and in the upper row the 3rd(HP) button and in the bottom row the 2nd(MK) button is sticking for me and it’s very annoying.
They have artwork sticked on them, but it will be a hell to take apart the stick again.
It’s possible to take out the button’s center part from outside without damaging the button?

just remove the button and it will be way easier to work on