Seimitsu Buttons- Where they at?


Where are you guys (in the US) getting seimitsu (not the clear ones) from. I know lizard lick used to have them. I thing they are the ps-14 g’s. I would like to swap out my sanwa’s on a stick of mine butcan’t find them online anywhere (unless I order 30 plus at a time.)


Focus Attack later this month will have all sorts of Seimiitsu’s.

Burn in Hell LizardLick (until I’m refunded my 200 bucks, then we’re semi-cool Chad)


Agreed, focus attack is good. Lizard lick can burn until our refunds are issued.


Umm the issue with Lizard Lick is old news and there are other US distributors of arcade parts that carry Semisitsu

Have you tried Focus Attack or Paradise Arcade
and if you can’t find what you want there their is Akihabra shop


If you use standard sanwa buttons (no rg), then you can simply buy seimitsu small switches and install them into your current buttons, however it may be even harder to find.


I have used in the past. If you get a big enough order, the shipping isn’t so bad via FedEx depending on where you are ordering from.

#7 sells ps-14-g’s. Shipping is kinda expensive.

If you happen to live in Europe you can try from Germany

Or from GremlinSolutions in the UK.


If you’re going to Evo, I’ll have PS-14-Gs for sale, both solid color and black rim versions. They’re my favorite non-transparent button, so I have tons.


yeah no evo for me; I am not really that good at fighting games and i got a 9-5, a wife, and two kids; however i do enjoy casual play and messing around w/ joysticks. I may just wait until focus attack decides to stock them in a few months. It’s either that or moving them from my ex-se to my hori scv stick, but then i am stuck with the xbox 360 color scheme


Unfortunately they only have the GN’s; they have the pearls but they only have 8 buttons available in red.


Ordered some recently from Akihabarashop and got them two weeks later. Not cheap but worth it. Focus Attack is rumored to carry them soon.


just throwing it out there…
Lately, I found a Rakuten shop ( that sells arcade parts, amongst other things, and successfully purchased PS-14-G’s and LS’s. Of course, I used a deputy service, something I totally do not recommend going that route though because of how costly it ends up being. but yeah, just giving out another option…