Seimitsu Circular Restrictor (On an MvC2 cab?)

I was curious if there was a way to get a circular restrictor for a seimitsu? I was playing on an MvC2 cab (two screens side by side) that had yellow joysticks (all yellow, shaft and balltop) so it looked exactly like an Ls-40 seimitsu joystick, but it had a totally circular motion to it. Any idea on what kind of stick that would be? Granted, the stick sucked, but it was really beat up. Anyway, just curious if you would be able to get that kind of motion out of seimitsu, or if there was some other brand of balltop joystick (other than sanwa jlw’s with a circule restrictor) that had a circular motion to it. I thought I read somewhere you can just take off the square gate on a seimitsu ls-32 and get a circular motion for it, but does that cause excess wear, or even work well? I don’t have any seimitsu sticks at this time so I’d love to hear ppl’s input. And if anyone has any specifics on the differences of the seimitsu joystick line, I’d love to hear them. Thanks!

La sigh…people ask circular restrictor questions all the time and the answer is always the same. There is no circular restrictor for Sanwa or Seimitsu joystick except for the JLW series. It’s sad but true : (

The Seimitsu that you’re talking about (yellow shaft and balltop) is almost assuredly the LS-40 or LS-40-01. They are the only current joysticks from either company that have colored shafts that match the balltops. Seimitsus in general have movement that is much less square-like than Sanwa, but there is no circular restrictor for them.


Well, the reason I ask is that I saw a post just today (when I was using the search function) about someone saying you can remove the square restrictor on a seimitsu and it gives a circular motion, but after looking for it again, I can’t find it. And also, I was trying to figure out what kind of joystick was on that mvc2 cab since it looks like a seimitsu ls-40, but has a smooth, 360 motion, no square gate feeling at all. Do you think that means it isn’t a seimitsu for sure?

Finally, for the ultimarc j-stik, does the gt-0 restictor for the jlw fit fine on it, and can I use a shorter sanwa shaft on it if I want to reduce the shaft length? Sorry, if this has been answered before on one of those big joystick faqs. Searching ultimarc and j-stik didn’t turn up any good results.

J-Stik is JLW with longer shaft. I think best option for you will be JLW joystick + GTO restrictor.

on 99% was special series LS40 which had circle restrictors. it suggests then stencil on yellow restrictors. I see model LS56 from octagonal. I think that some series LS32 be stocked in octagonal also (look on blue throttle).
Some firms had to order this long ago. seimitsu has always square at present, but circle trace stayed on yellow throttle.