Seimitsu joystick deflective to opposite direction instead of just going neutral


I’ve only had this stick for a few months, it’s a LS-58. When I do a forward attack and let go of the stick to go back to neutral now sometimes it will input the backward direction, any way to fix this? This messes up my inputs sometimes playing a half circle character.


get a stiffer spring for it. LS-56 spring is perfect


Here ya go, friend.


Or put much slower switches in, but it will change the joystick’s performance drastically (almost like a totally different one)


No reason to do so when a $1.25 spring is cheaper and easier.

Mechanically a LS-58 and a LS-56 are the same stick, just the spring is different (and the LS-58 comes with transparent dustwasher and shaft cover)


Personally, I think this is a play issue rather than a spring issue. Is the LS-58 spring really that light? If it is, I might have to pick one up for shiggles. I actually don’t like stiff sticks.


I think 58 springs are just about as tense as JLF springs. They should be somewhere around 1 pound. The 56 spring is 2 pound.


Not only is the spring incredibly light for a seimitsu, there’s almost no deadzone so the sitck is hypersensative.


It’s by far the lightest spring on the LS-joysticks I’ve used.

I can play with near-stock JLF, LS-32, LS-40, and Hayabusa but I found the LS-58 spring to be TOO loose.
Note that getting a higher-tension spring does NOT solve all the problems a joystick might be giving you. It could be a combination of characteristics of the joystick that is incompatible with your playing style.
You can practice for a while – I’d give it a few weeks at least, month minimum – BUT if it’s still creating control problems you might want to look into another joystick with different throw and activation characteristics.

From longest throw to shortest for the LS-series is LS-32 > LS-40 > LS-56/-58… I’m not counting in LS-33 or LS-55 because I haven’t used those joysticks and in general they’re less popular alternatives than the other three. They’re also harder to find in the States; most parts vendors stock the LS-32 and LS-56 with a fair number also stocking LS-40 but generally they don’t carry the LS-33 and LS-55. Activation force from greatest to lightest is also LS-32 > LS-40 > LS-56/-58.
The LS-56/-58 is at the tight end of control for Seimitsu joysticks. Short throw, light activation movement. You have to play with finesse and shorter movements with that joystick. It’s very easy to overcontrol… I gave the LS-58 another shot with a higher-tension spring (3-lb Paradise Arcade Shop custom spring) and I still think it’s a bit too short on throw and finicky on activation. Likewise, a lot of people also have similar issues with the LS-40.

No joystick is perfect but experimenting with a number of them can narrow down what specific characteristics are more comfortable for you.


Am I the only one that can freely shift from JLF to Hayabusa to LS-56/58 and not experience much if any execution issues? I may not prefer some of those but I really don’t have serious issues. I could play with any of those and be ok.


You need more practice , ls-58 is very sensitive.


You are not. All jap sticks are pretty loose, transition between them is painless (generally).


It isn’t just the LS-58. A lot of sticks can “flick” the opposite direction.

Instead of letting the stick go, let your hand move the stick into the neutral position. You don’t have to manually reset it to neutral. Just catch it so it can’t get to the other direction.


Probably his play style…

But for me, idk why, seems like ls-32 has a shorter throw than the ls-58…

I can’t do j.f > df motion in ls-58, but can do it just fine with the ls-32…

What gives? That I do not know specially regarding throw distance =\