Seimitsu Joystick for a TE?

I am going to replace everything on my TE since I bought it used and want to make it fresh again. I am pretty sure I am going with full Seimitsu because I don’t like the softness of the Sanwa buttons and I just prefer the throw of the joystick.

So is there a Seimitsu joystick that I can easily put into a my TE? By easily I mean no soldering and preferably just right out the box into my TE.

Also when I used a HRAP EX SE and I really liked the joystick it that is why I want the Seimitsu joystick but I didn’t like the flatish buttons but I was told the PS-14-GN aren’t flat, could anyone confirm that?


Seimitsu LS-32-01 with default SS Mounting Plate.
Seimitsu LS-40-01 with default RE Mounting Plate swapped for SS Mounting Plate.
Seimitsu LS-55-01 with default MS Mounting Plate.
Seimitsu LS-56-01 with default VF Mounting Plate swapped for MS Mounting Plate.

Seimitsu PS-14-G are flat.
Seimitsu PS-14-GN are not flat.

Thanks JDM, I am not sure what those mounting plates are, or which ones would or wouldn’t work for me.

He explained it all. Those 4 fit into your TE. Check the mounting plate. If you buy an LS40, it comes with an RE mounting Plate. You would also have to purchase an SS mounting plate and then swap it to make it fit your TE.

14Gs are my favorite button.

Usually places that sell Seimitsu joysticks have the mounting plates with them.

Jdm is telling you what the default mounting plate that comes with certain seimitsu joysticks and then tells you afterwards if you need to switch them or not so they work with the TE stick.

For example -

The LS-40-01 comes with the RE plate by default, but in reality you need the SS plate so it mounts properly in the TE stick.

Hope that clears things up.

Oh alright, thanks a lot. I apologize for my misunderstanding.

You have to rotate the switch pcb 1/4 to get the right orientation with the LS-32-01 just needs a screwdriver its easy.

IIRC, you only need to rotate the PCB in the LS-32(-01) if you mount it “wrong” - I’m pretty sure that the SS mounting plate can be mounted into the TE either horizontally or vertically. It’s been a couple weeks since I last had the LS-32 in, there’s a very fair chance I just totally blacked out when I was installing it and ended up with no memory of PCB rotation.

The LS-56(-01), on the other hand, definitely needs to be rotated, since the MS can only be mounted “vertically” (i.e., screwed in the top and bottom rather than the left and right). It’s a simple procedure, especially if you’re already swapping out the stock square gate for the octogate (best part about the LS-56 imho) - though the screws you need to take off are typically screwed in ridiculously tight at the factory.

Since the LS-55(-01) uses the same mounting plate, the same applies for it.

The GN pushbuttons feel great, a lot more crisp than the Sanwas. I have mixed feelings about the KN buttons, though. They make for great stick art, but the clear plungers have a very cheap feel to them - they combine the vaguely mushy, “inconsequential” feel of Sanwas with the mash-difficulty of Seimitsus, so it’s a worst-of-both-worlds sorta situation. The same goes for GNs with clear plungers.

I guess it’s possible that I’m just imagining things, but I swear the set of GNs I installed in someone else’s stick have a better feel to them than the KNs in mine.

I have an LS-40 but use the default plate, RE, in my TE. I don’t see anything wrong and it fits properly. Why is the SS plate needed?

The Shaft is short without SS Mounting Plate.

Would you this?

Or this?

Im assuming the same can be said about the SE? Ive been wanting to try one in mine but wasnt sure if the LS-56-01 would fit.

ls-56 fits perfect with the MS plate


Only way to install LS-56-01 into is with Seimitsu MS Mounting Plate anyways.

Alright I am ordering it tomorrow. Just to be clear, will I need to rotate the pcb on the LS-32-01? And I am not sure which way I need to mount it.

I know they directly related because the way I mount it decides the way the plug thing is facing and that is why I rotate the pcb.

ls-33 works too. just gotta change the shaft around to an ls-56 shaft.

Seimitsu LS-32-01 with SS Mounting Plate mounts left and right to the Mounting Bracket.
Instead of up and down on Mounting Bracket like the Sanwa JLF.

PCB will be rotated to have the connector face same orientation as the JLF in TE was.