Hey guys I just ordered this particular ball top from - Focus Attack - and was wondering if y’all can confirm that this particular “clear” ball top is actually a slight purple/violet tint to it? Or do I just have a bad batch? Kinda disappointed it wasn’t clear…

what I ordered:

and what I got:

Thanks guys!



There’s a FocusAttack thread you could of posted this in, also my clear bubble top looks clear/translucent with no blue, doesn’t look blue at all like yours does.


Thank you, I will redirect my concern soon.


Yeah, it looks like they accidentally sent you the wrong color bubbletop. Post about it in the FocusAttack thread or PM jmanDMC.


Some of the batches of clear LB-39 balltops have a slight blue-violet hue. I have a couple of them as well as the more typical clear ones. The actual purple ones are a deeper color.

This came up [quite a while back](Seimetsu "clear" ball top is - purple?!?! I guess it still happens.


yup I did, hopefully I get a reply :smiley:


This problem is nothing new…

It happens from time to time.

The machines doing the injection/plastic molding for the bubbletops sometimes don’t get properly cleaned and leftover pigment from alternate color bubbletops makes its way into the clear tops when they’re being manufactured.

I’ve got a bubbletop from four years ago that has the same problem, too.
The cleartops alternate from being REALLY clear/whitish to having the ‘violet issue.’


You call it an issue and I call it a really rare ball. You already send it back to CA, OP?


Yeah, I was going to say, you got yourself an extremely unique ball top.