Seimitsu Lb -39 in Clear Red

Hey guys, I was just wondeing if seimitsu makes clear red bubble ball tops. I’m having so much trouble finding them.

Hey. We’ve played on XBL before.

Nah, I don’t think they do. I’ve been after one, I’ve seen PICTURES of them, but all they have is orange… that kind of looks like red but not really.

: (

Looks like either a red LB-35 or the red meshball, LB-35-M.

These may be an option down the road:

Really? Where at live? SFIV or HD?

HDR, you can probably find me in your friends list, lol.

I see you way above me in BP when I checked my friends list… I felt so pro being at the top while almost exclusively using Dan and Rufus.

While not quite red bubble top, it looks super awesome. Go bug numbski to get off his lazy ass and make some more of these since I want a couple more myself.


Barring that being as expensive as something that good looking should be… I’d be in for at least one of those myself.

haha. i was thinking about him. I like his d20 ball tops.