Seimitsu LS-32-01 Five Pin Harness Ground/Directions?

I’m about to wire up my Seimitsu LS-32-01 to my 360 wireless pad and I have no idea what color is officially ground and the 4 directions?

Can anybody verify the info below?

Are the LS-32 and JLF the same except for switching orange and black in this diagram?


Answer is no.

Actually the answer is yes. The 5-pin connector on the LS-32 and JLF has the same pinout when the sticks are mounted with the same orientation. For instance, if the LS-32 is mounted as in the above pic, with the connector sticking to the right, it will be the same as the top JLF in the 1st pic. The pinout seems reversed but the connector is also mounted reversed on the two sticks so it’s the same.

Here’s an LS-32 and a JLF mounted on the same Agetec stick and using the same harness:

That is true M K L.
But I was answering the question in different perspective.

I was going at specifically the colors.
Since versus addict gave out colors.

Sanwa JLF-H:
Black = GROUND
Green = RIGHT
Yellow= LEFT
Orange = UP
Red = DOWN

Seimitsu H5-PIN:
Yellow = DOWN
Red = UP
Black = LEFT
Green = RIGHT
Orange = GROUND

All that with Joystick oriented to the right.

I was thinking he say actually switching the colored wires on either of those Wire Harnesses.
And the picture was to show that if he switched the Black and Orange on one Wire Harness (Sanwa), it won’t change into another Wire Harness (Seimitsu).

But after typing this Post out, I’m seeing that he wanted to know if Black for GROUND in JLF-H takes place of the Orange for GROUND in H5-PIN.
Which is something that both you and I agree to.

We both know our stuff M K L.
I just read the Post in a different way.

I messed up by not knowing versus addict wanted confirmation on the text typed by TingBoy instead, not of the image that versus addict said to confirm in.

I answered this:

Instead of this:

I’m sorry for me being stupid. :sad:

You were not being stupid at all, the OP was probably thinking more of wire color than wire position (i.e. pinout). Hopefully he now has all the info he needs.

In Tingboy’s pic in my first post my layout matches the second illustration with the harness coming out towards the buttons nearest the bottom when looking at the back of the stick.

So…for me the following is reverse then because of my orientation…right?

(not paying attention to the colors in the pic, but the locations with respect to my LS-32 harness)

You guys are awesome, many thanks…I think I got it now.


I’m sorry if this has been answered, but suppose you want to stick an LS-32-01 in where a JLF now sits; could you use the JLF wiring harness without changing anything?

That is what this Thread showed.
And what you asked is what everyone with an HRAP has done.
Mad Catz not have specifically Sanwa JLF-H, but the same thing is done.