Seimitsu ls-32-01 in te?

will it mount and fit in te? im thinking about ordering one

Yeah, it will go in either of the Mad Catz sticks.

you jus need to rotate the microswitches/pcb on the 32-01 otherwise down will be right, right will be up n so forth. if you jus rotate the pcb so the harness plug is facing to the “side” of the stick then flip the harness it works great

I’m using LS-32-01 in my TE. Works great!

hell yeah dude thanks and do u guys think its a better stick then sanwa? and how bout semitsu buttons do i lose responwsiveness for prettiness?

oh yeah and the ls 32-01 comes with a 8 way? cause i got a octo gate in my stick on my sanwa jlf now, i like 8 way feel

You have to get a LS-56 in order to use an octo gate. The 32 doesn’t have one.

yea your only options with the LS32 is square or circle… not octo…

so whats the model number for the circle gate? damn i njust orderend an ls 32

nevermind, is the ls 56 good as 32?

I prefer the LS-32-01 with circle gate over the JLF and octo gate. I ordered both to see which I preferred.

where can i get this circle gate for it? cause i ordered mine from lizrd lick and i dont see the a circle gate for it is where I got mine. They are currently closed until May though. SF 4 created a lot of custom stick madness, so they are working hard to keep up with it. Might open in a few days. I shipped via airmail and it only took a week to get to me(Kansas City,MO) from Japan. I really recommend them. I think LL recently got circle gates in their stock, but they are currently closed as well. I would check with them both in a few days to see if they are open.

nice buddy thanks once again