Seimitsu LS-32-01 - Is it normal for the joystick to raise up a bit when pressed up against the gate


Interesting. I only notice these issues if I use force. I have tried the LS-58 which seems to solve the issue, but the LS-58 has such short throw that it’s hard to get used to for me. The JLF is on the other end of the spectrum. Feels so sloppy/loose to me compared to the LS-32, but to each his own.


Cheers kiki. Just to check before I mess up my joystick, if that C-ring is strongly secured, does that mean that if its on, the spring is definitely secure?


Most of the Seimitsu Joysticks look like (and are) toys. Look at the parts they use, the plastic is so shitty. I had a LS 33 and the actual gate had dents in it after half a years worth of use, it also had the same popping issue as the ls 32. I pulled the joystick out of my toolbox a few months back and the microswitches have rusted. I have two JLF’s in the same toolbox which I bought before the LS33 and they’re still as new.


I’ll agree with you there. If there is anything that I dislike about my LS-32, it’s all of the plastic.


Both of you two are lunatics. The plastic used in the LS series is solid and thick, with no prongs of any sort. Compared to a JLF, there is far less to break on the Seimitsu sticks. JLF has potential to break the prongs that hold in the gate. On top of that, the gate on a JLF has tabs to hold in the gate, which if you’re changing it for alternate play like restricted 4 way, are possible to break if you aren’t careful. The gates used for Seimitsu sticks are just as durable, if not more so because the plastic isn’t as brittle, as Sanwa’s gates. The gates are also screwed in, so there is far less chance of the gates breaking off compared to the JLF.

I have no idea how on earth you’ve dented your Seimitsu gate. Just what the hell type of abuse are you putting it through? I’ve had my LS-40 for over 2 years now and the gate looks the same as the day I bought it. You have to work really hard to do damage to the damn gate. That is on you buddy.

The microswitches used by Seimitsu, made by Matsushita, tend to show more tarnish than the Omron switches used by Sanwa, but that can be remedied by cleaning and polishing them. Tarnish is going to show on any switch. However, there is no way the switches are rusting internally unless you’re dumb and spill something on them. I’ll agree they aren’t the best switches cosmetically, but their functionality is perfectly fine.


I’ve used Sanwa JLF joysticks in the same way and method as the Seimitsu LS 33. And the Sanwa JLF gates are all still working as usual with not a dent to be seen.

In fact it’s pretty clear to see just from simple observation that the Seimitsu Gates are mediocre in terms of build quality and material when compared to Sanwa’s. I’m confused but how you seem to think those cheap shitty Seimitsu plastic gates are immune to damage? You talk about prongs coming off on the JLF gate etc when switching gates? I think you’re talking bullshit…

In terms of functionality, yeah Seimitsu is good when the build quality is holding up. When… But when it’s not… what happens. Then you get threads like these, someone wondering why their joystick is handing like a mortar and pestle. This is not the first time I"ve seen this, it’s just the way Seimitsu is. Cheap and cheerful (LS32 = 1000Y cheaper than JLF).


Cheap little crappy tabs that hold in the square/circular/octo gate, easy to break off because the plastic used for Sanwa gates are too hard, hardness causes brittleness. And that isn’t even the fact that the gate is held in place by plastic prongs that you need to bend to snap the gate out. The potential for a Sanwa JLF breaking is far greater than the potential for a Seimitsu stick breaking. Seimitsu parts screw in, there is no warping you need to do to exchange parts out, and the plastic used for the base and gate is the same type of plastic used in the JLF base and both have equivalent durability. Sanwa gates are much harder plastic at the cost of being more brittle.

Again, there is absolutely no way in hell you’re going to dent your Seimitsu gates from normal play. You’re talking an actuator and gate made of the same plastic rubbing against each other, and even directional changes won’t have enough force to cause dents. Plus, if you want to cut down the friction, you could use silicon grease around the gate and the actuator so they don’t wear when they rub against each other. The LS-32 gate is different from the 33 in that it mounts to a metal panel and is thinner. The gate on the 32 MAY wear faster, but your experience is with the 33, which is the same as the 55, 56/58, which I also have. The gate on those sticks are the same height and material as the LS-40, the only difference being that it’s wider. There is no way in hell I could dent the inner rim of the gate, certainly not from normal usage. There isn’t even enough space for enough leverage to do so.

That kind of wear has to be from some unimaginable abuse, and rust in your microswitches has to be from you spilling something on your stick or sticking it right next to a humidifier for days on end. Dude, don’t grip your stick by it’s balls and whirlwind it around your head and throw it next to your humidifier in salty anger. No stick deserves that :frowning:

Also, the LS-32 has a particular design that causes it to pop the pivot during play. Everyone knows this, but this has no bearing on the durability of the stick. Apparently, you don’t.

Methinks it is you who doesn’t have a clue and spouts the bullshit here, good sir.


The fact that you actually can’t believe someone could dent a Seimitsu gate from normal play, just shows how much of a Seimitsu nut swinger you really are. I’ve Never seen anyone state “Don’t buy a JLF because the “prongs” on the gate might snap off”. I’ve seen PLENTY of threads about the Seimitsu popping issue, and I mean this is something which crops up on these forums every month.

You state the “LS-32” has a particular design that causes it to pop the pivot during play. Yeah you know what that’s called, “Bad Design”, Cheap. Take that shit back to the toy store son.

Note: I put Sanwa vs Seimitsu in google just to see if any information on the type of plastics used in both joystick would come up. Nope… but guess what did come up? A Different thread, with YOU in it. Doing the exact same thing you’re doing in this thread. Posting boring, long winded replies…

You also sound like you’re getting a bit emotional there as well. I dunno. Did Seimitsu protect your family from impending doom or something? It’s ok to admit the build quality is not the best there is. As I said it reflects in the price. You think Seimitsu are selling their Joysticks for almost half the price of Sanwa because they’re good samaritans? No the parts used are not as good.


Exactly what I think. Seimitsu is cheap shit.
Ok, it’s the “second most popular joystick in japan” . >90% of the players and arcades prefer sanwa, or let*s say 90% think that sanwa is superior, makes the seimitsu “second most popular with 10%” lol.


Ok, thread is now officially becoming a sanwa/seimitsu fanboy war. CLOSE IT BEFORE IT GETS WORSE.


Nice official statistic:tup:

Considering all SBO tournament matches on Sega Arcade Machines (Astro, Blast, Versus city) were using Seimitsu LS 32-01 sticks, it’s easy to see why Seimitsu has ardent fans. Old games like 3rd Strike, CvS2, and Vampire Savior were played on these “cheap sticks.”

As for JLF popularity, that derives from the fact that Taito Vewlix arcade machines (SFIV, Persona, etc.) are populated with all Sanwa parts.
Madcatz wanted to emulate the feel of Vewlix machines so they put Sanwa parts in Madcatz sticks so now, everyone know thinks Sanwa is top of the line.

At the end of the day, it’s just personal preference, there is no “Bad Design.”


FACT: Opinions are like ass holes, everyone got one and they all stink.
FACT: You are all wrong, none of your statements are valid. (except Rictorxix because of Frog)

You are all arguing like children what is the best Power Ranger, and not one of you are even speaking about the same Power Ranger Show.

Everyone knows that Spider-man and Batman are the best Power Rangers, followed by Ray Romano in a Super Man outfit


Please stop this giant shitstorm of Seimitsu vs Sanwa.

The main reason of cause for this joystick jump is not due to the build quality or claims that seimitsu is inferior to sanwa.
The cause of this is due to the actuator’s design and shaft.

From what I believe, the jump is caused mainly by the shaft design.
Note that the shaft itself is ribbed out compared to all the other joysticks out there. This rib once moved to a certain point with a certain amount of force is what causes the hop that some users find awkward.
This issue is only applicable to LS32’s
This does not affect build quality of the stick itself.
From my knowledge, the other sticks seimitsu has to offer does not have this sort of issue.

I will admit that the outer gate guide is not of the same quality of plastic as the main units. The gate guide has always been removed from all the LS32’s that I have and the play is fine. The rest of the build quality is solid.

If you do not prefer Seimitsu that is fine. However, please do not personally call out or insult others who do enjoy using their parts.


Haha wow… Anyway an LS32 with a JLW spring WILL NOT jump. Add a round restrictor gate and an Aluminum Bat Top for absolute perfection. For longevity you can also order and trim pvc tubing and use that for a shaft cover. The Happ sized custom dust washers from Art fit nicely around these or you could just dremel open a regular one to complete the look.


Where can I find the alluminum bat top?

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How come this wasn’t linked yet… I’m using that and it’s nothing short of wonderful :lovin:


I broke 1 of these tabs in 2 different JLF main restrictors. 1st time changing central gate, the other time i was showing to a friend how is possible to spin directions around to set 4 way/8 way.

Also, i broke 2 OBSC buttons taking them off. I also tried snap-in buttons from Seimitsu, very good and firm, never broke one in my hands…same for sticks.

Sanwa may use superior plastic parts, but Seimitsu shitty? No…


Just out of curiosity, because I haven’t heard this before, do you have a source for this?
Almost all of the Sega cabinets that I’ve seen/played on have been stock with Sanwa parts.


I actually read that they used Seimitsu sticks somewhere on SRK (lame, I know)
I saw older SBO finals and it looked like they were Seimitsu LS 32 sticks.
You can populate control panels with whatever sticks fit on the mounting brackets.
So am I talking out of my ass… mostly. But it’s an internet forum so it’s to be expected.


Interestingly, I just stumbled upon a video of SBO10, while watching some 3s vids. Unless Seimitsu started shipping the LS-32 with shaft covers, they most certainly are not using them [media=youtube]h9XuDlYzM3c[/media]
Not trying to call you out, though maybe its best not to claim something as fact without actual evidence.
Also worth note that I’ve seen many Versus/Blast cabs that use JLFs without shaft covers, so it’s possible that what you saw were infact JLFs.

You are right though, you can put whatever parts you want (for the most part) in those panels, and Sega does sell both Sanwa and Seimitsu populated panels. I will vouch that I almost always see Sanwa panels.