Seimitsu LS 32-01 Non-Gate Question

I recently picked up this stick and also acquired the circle gate for the LS 32 as well. After an hour of testing, the circle gate seemed “ok” but I was expecting something a little better (more along the lines of a Mas competition stick with a lighter feel). However, I noticed on Slagcoin’s site ( he mentions removing both gates (the blue plastic and the stock square gate), which leaves a circle gate. I tried it out for several hours and the non-gate stick felt amazing.

I was just wondering, will continuous play without the gate ultimately damage the LS 32? Anyone have any extensive tests with this method?


I know that in the case of JLF’s, playing ‘gateless’ can damage the microswitches; not sure if the same holds true for LS-32’s.

As I mentioned to your brother at SB4, I think you should look into changing the spring on a comp stick. It seems like that would work better than trying to make a Japanese stick into a pseudo-American stick. I know you’re not the only one who’s not wild about the tightness of comp sticks, so I’m positive you could find help on here for a spring mod.

Then again, if there’s no risk to your microswitches playing as you are now… I guess you’re set!

There is no risk to microswitches – as long as they don’t fall out, you’re good.

Yeah he wouldn’t talk about it on slagcoin if there was a risk of damaging your joystick. He’s very careful not to do anything to damage your parts.

On my LS-32-01 I removed the blue gate since I wasn’t using the other options.


I wouldn’t play without a gate. Keep the circular main guide gate or use the square gate.

If the stick breaks or you damage a microswitch because you were playing without the main guide, you can only blame yourself for taking the part off.

I’m not as comfortable playing a Seimitsu without the gate. Feels pretty fragile to me without the guides… It actually feels more on the verge of breaking than the JLF did, IMHO.

I would not play competitively without the gates on any stick. I think you’re just begging for a mechanical breakdown that will cost you more in the long run.

George you didn’t read closely enough. We’re talking about playing the LS-32 with NO GATE. It is confirmed not to hurt the joystick because it uses leaf switches instead of the micro switches on a JLF. It’s kinda the same as using the circle gate but with a much bigger throw.