Seimitsu LS-32 Into SE Stick

Will the Seimitsu LS-32 fit into the Madcatz SE Stick? If i buy the LS-32 will i just have to flip the mounting plate or something? Or can i not do this at all?

info please… Thanks

i believe u just need a S mounting plate

No, the flat mounting plate works, drop in and screw in. No flipping or changing mounting plate needed. You’ll be fine.

Do you have the one with the PCB (LS-32-01)? If not, you’ll have to solder directly onto the microswitches.

i believe that without the S mounting plate, the seimitsu stick will be a bit too short compared to the stock or sanwa stick.

Correct. For proper stick height, you need to use the SS plate. It mounts on the left and right of the stick instead of the top and bottom like the sanwa. It works fine! I think you need to flip over the wiring harness connector though.

wait do i need to buy a different mounting plate?

and what’s this about wiring?

i thought you just unplug the one in here and plug in the new one…


Seimitsu LS-32 Ball Handle Joystick, 2, 4, & 8 Way - If i purchase this will i need to buy anything else to make it work? Also, it says below the Seimitsu SS “S” Joystick Mounting Plate , that it is the stock, and this is the one you mentioned i needed.

Get the LS-32-01 as has been mentioned already, since it has the 5-pin joystick connector. If you got the regular LS-32 you’d have to solder wires from the PCB to the stick. And the LS-32-01 is the version with the SS plate stock, the regular LS-32 comes with the RE plate.

Note the diferences.



i have a LS-32 in my madcatz se stick. it drops right in (no S plate or anything). but you have to crimp on wires to the switches (or you can solder) and attach them to the wiring harness.

edit: i didnt use a S plate, thus the shaft is a little bit lower.

So ill need to buy an additional mounting plate if i want the ls 32?

What buttons from seimitsu can i get for the se stick ?

Only if you want arcade-proper mounting height. It’s usable either way though. As for buttons, any Seimitsu button will work (PS-14-G, PS-14-GN, PS-14-KN, or PS-14-P).

Just to be clear, the height is only an issue if you are getting the standard LS-32 (the model WITHOUT a harness connector). If you are getting the LS-32-01, it comes with a plate that mounts at proper height.

oh! okay thank you

i think ill buy those. Thanks… Not too expensive =)