Seimitsu LS-32 mounting on MDF

What tools should I use to mount this stick on MDF, mounted to the outside of the control panel (see diagram). Bonus points for hand tools.

Your choices are:

chisel (if your careful), a router/lamitable trimmer, a dremel/rotary tool(if your careful), using two boards instead (the top being about 1/4" thick for proper mounting height) and that’s all that comes to mind

My ls-32 is mounted under a 1/4" MDF panel, cut a square right where it should be mounted with a router and use four countersunk screws with nuts to hold it. Other option is to cut a larger square and place two pieces underneath and mount the stick on top of the pieces. Option 2 you will have to take off the mounting plate first.

just in case this helps you
somebody who is awesome (can’t remember who!) made these for me/everyone a couple years back
Joystick Vault / Seimitsu LS-32 mounting diagram with flat plate
Joystick Vault / Seimitsu LS-32-01 mounting diagram with S-Plate

The proportions on the ls-32-01 diagram are way off, the s-plate is not nearly that wide, nor is the base nearly that small. You have to mount the s-plate on top of 1/4" mdf, no thicker, and the base has to be reattached from the bottom after the plate is mounted.