Seimitsu LS 32 Problems

Hi guys, I bought a Seimitsu Stick and wanted to put it into my TE stick. The problem is, that there is no plug in for the cable that comes from the PCB (look at pics

I’am still trying to mod it with the original sanwa stick but most parts doesnt fit into each other.
Is it even possible to create something like a “hybrid” stick or am I lost ?

Your first mistake was not getting a LS-32-01.

To connect a standard LS-32 you will need to daisy chain the GND points together and connect the signal wires to the TE motherboard. I’d recommend either soldering or crimping with 6.3mm female spade terminals / JST’s.

Ok, Thanks. I have no experience in soldering, so I guess I have to get the 01 Version.

You’ll find installing the LS-32-01 much easier, and check to make sure it comes with the SS mounting plate as well.

One final note will be that you’ll need to turn the 5pin harness plug upside down when connecting it the joystick.

thanks, for the information, i know everything that you mentioned in your second comment, i just did not know that the 03 version has no pcb plug in.
The problem is that no one in Europe sells it anymore. I have to go back to the damn sanwa stick :frowning:

Gremlinsoltions and arcadeworlduk both sell the joystick. It can also be ordered off eBay.

What do you mean by the ‘03 version’?

I thought it was the 3rd version but i was wrong. looks like its the 2nd version of the stick. Sorry !
The ls 32 01 is unavailable in both shops. I’m sad right now.

I found a video on youtube on how to rebuild the stick. Thanks anyways

Sometimes an LS-32-01 comes with a pcb that has ‘02’ printed on it. This makes no difference AFAIK.

You want this. Hopefully they ship international.

In stock in a good French shop :