Seimitsu LS-32 / Sanwa JLF-P-6 Spring Cover - Questions/etc

Hi guys. So I have some few questions.

I have a Seimitsu LS-32 stick and after playing on it about a month or so, I noticed that the stick was feeling odd. Turns out the Spring Cover on it broke off o_O:(. It broke off by half. And that half-piece broke into another half. So… I cant find the other piece to it. Or else I would try to glue it back together or something.
Anyways, I cannot seem to find any site and source that sells this part for the Seimitsu stick.
The only place I found that had anything close to this was a Sanwa Spring Cover.

Does anyone know if this type of Sanwa Spring Cover will fit onto the Seimitsu stick?
Or if anyone knows of any place that sells it for this certain Seimitsu stick?

The spring cover broke??

Send a message to LizardLick to see if they have a spare they could sell you.

Otherwise you can get all spares from The part you’re looking for is labelled as “#9 Rec. spring” (Seimitsu LS-32) and costs 100 Yen. Shipping will naturally be much more.

Thanks a lot for the help!

Where exactly do you see this “#9 Rec. spring” on the site? I’ve went through that site before a few times before making this thread.
Didn’t find any Spring Covers at all. And I still cant find any even after going back there.

Yeah, I’ll contact LizardLick ASAP. Hopefully they do have any spares!

[]From the ‘ARCADE’ drop down menu, click ‘JOYSTICKS’. Ignore the ‘ACCESORIES’ option.
]Scroll down to ‘LS-32’ and you’ll see two drop down boxes. Ignore the first and click the second.
[*]Scroll to ‘#9 Rec. spring’ and click. An image of it will appear where the joystick used to be along with the price.

Ahhhhhhhhh… cooool!!
I never noticed all those details inside the drop down menu’s!
Thanks once again.
If LizardLick doesnt carry this, I guess I have no choice but to order from here.

EDIT: OMG… the shipping fee from Japan is so expensive! :eek: