Seimitsu LS 32 with LS 32 - 01 Connectors?


Is it possible to use the Seimitsu LS 32 Joystick on my MadCatz SE which hase the 5-Pin connectors?
I accidently bought the LS 32 with those flat connectors :S
Cant give it back so i would be thankful for any advice
Heres a picture of the connectors the normal LS 32 has

edit: I found out its possible to “hack” it into the 5-pin connector altho i couldnt find any infos on how to do it
Also i read that i need an SS mounting plate because the LS has an RE mounting plate
Does the standard stick of my Madcatz joystick have a mounting plate i can use for that?


Tech Talk is the right board for this. Good luck