Seimitsu LS 40 question

Yea Presi, I’ve seen you mention that quite a few times already, and that in part has contributed to me re-visiting the JLF. Will be sure to get one when ordering the other sticks.

I’m also dying to try those adjustable actuators on the Haya to shorten the throw, as was recommended by Nendo.

I absolutely agree with @PresidentCamacho , although ive only tried a few different levers, the jlf with kowal actuator has by far been my favorite and most used

I am really enjoying the ls40 so far, vipers inputs feel alot smoother now

Good to know, how long you’ve been using it ?

Since Saturday lol

My ls-40 should be here by Saturday!!! Got my JLF yesterday, spent all day practicing with it. Executions are coming along okay (already used to the square gate because I don’t ride the gate in qcf motions), but yea my original feelings on the stick still stand: the engage is just too far on this stick in its stock state. Kowal’s actuator in bound as well to shorten that engage, and then I can comment.

Hayabusa in bound as well, but i’m already certain I’ll need the PAS adjustable actuator before it suits my needs. So I should be pretty busy this weekend comparing sticks and FINDING MY TRUE LOVE ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!


Got my ls-40, haya, and stuff for my jlf today.

OMG! Just hooked up this ls-40. Omg, I am such in love! This short engage is right up my alley coming from a short engage IL/Happ competition stick. Wow! This is amazing! FADC’ing is now so quick and effortless, wow! This is all me right here.

Hitting the gate feels like shit compared to the JLF though (I wonder if cuz its an old wodden mdf stick) especially hitting the gate at the diagonals cuz I actually feel a minute octagon in the corner, whereas the JLF just feels square. Doesn’t matter much tho, I barely ride the gate, unless crouching etc. Okay time to throw the Kowal in my JLF and see how that shortened engage feels :slight_smile:

You can take the yellow sub gate off of the 40 for a more standard square feel.

K thanks I’ll try it out now.

Kowal is officially in the JLF. I’m speechless. Engage feels about the same as the 40, yet throw is even shorter! Feels amazing yo. Thx for pointing me to that mod homie. This thing is butter

It is very underrated here. Both the jlf and the hayabusa (which requires rounding off the upper edge of the larger cylinder) feel awful to me without one.

That’s really unfortunate, because I feel you just have to spend so much more wrist muscle with that far throw.

Yea I forgot about that for the Hayabusa. Crap I thought I needed the PAS actuator (which Focus Attack doesn’t carry) and forgot that I did read that you told Cagan on the other thread that rounding off the Kowal works as well for the Haya. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

O well, for now I’m gonna just alternate between the 40 and the modded JLF everyday, lol. I can close my eyes and choose a stick and be totally happy. I’m glad I got a JLF and tried it, you don’t even know! Stick hunting complete!!! I CAN FINALLY PLAY MY GAMES!!!

Can you link to this? Would like to try this mod and the JLF+Kowal.

Focus Attack is the sole retailer who had the kowal actuator. Their site is currently down for maintenance, so I can’t link to it at the moment. They will be having a sale upon reopening on 10/3 (this Saturday morning), this would be a good time to buy one.

Yep got two in my shopping cart. But there was a reference to a mod for the Hayabusa? I wanted to find out more about it if you knew.

You just round off the upper corner of the larger cylinder, it snags a bit on the hayabusa gate otherwise.

So, you who’ve tried the LS-40, is it really free from the dreaded Seimitsu wobble?

Seimitsu wobble? never heard of it.
You are refering to the LS-32?

It still has a wobble. Way less than the 56/58/60, but moreso than a JLF.

LS-32 and LS-56 both have a rather generous wiggle room. Just put you finger on the top of your balltop and you can move it around without any effort that feels very cheap. On a JLF, the shaft doesn’t do this and feels way better engineered IMHO. It really turned me off using Seimitsu joysticks.