Seimitsu LS-55-01 vs. LS-32-01

Hey, I’m curious if anybody could tell me if there’s a significant difference in how these joysticks feel and handle. I want to know if it would be worth the money and effort to put one in my hrap. Or if I should wait until I have the cash to buy a new stick.

Would appreciate it.

They are very different. LS-55-01 is easy to move back and forth, not so much resistance. LS-32-01 is the “Heavy Weight” of the Seimitsu joysticks. What games are you going to play?

3s, 3s, 3s, and them some 3s… one day I’ll get a japanese ps2 and play some HnK, Melty Blood, NGBC etc. but that’s not a priority since I have nobody to play offline pretty much…

Then LS-32-01 is for you I think, it is the standard for these types off games.

Yeah… but it won’t fit in my HRAP 1 version B. :\

Thanks a lot for your input :slight_smile: saved me the money and the time at least hehe

if a stick can fit a Sanwa JLF then it most definitely can fit an LS32…

Apparently in version B they changed the mounting plate so fitting a LS-32-01 wouldn’t work… I was told I had to do welding and such? hehe

I would love to be wrong here :\

how can I tell if I have a version a or b hrap ? mine had the carbon overlay and not the shinny silver/mirror type shit.

carbon overlay means ver. B

can’t you just pull the spacers off? or bend them enough times to break them off? you really wouldn’t want to mount an LS32 on the spacers, anyway. it would be too short.

i don’t have an HRAP, but from my arcade cabs, i’m guessing the LS32 mounting plate fits in between those spacers if you rotate it 90 degrees. you can then use superglue or steel epoxy to stick it on the top panel if it fits. superglue probably isn’t that strong, but you’d really need to be a ham fisted blanka clone to knock it in. steel epoxy, OTOH…

hrmm… That’s a thought I suppose… Really hard for me to really check it out and se if what you say rings rtue as the hrap is my first stick… But I’ll open her up tonight and see how it looks :slight_smile: The rotating the mounting plate apparently works on the hrap2 but so far I’ve never heard anything positive about the hrap1 v. B from more experienced mod’ers :\ Thanks tho, that’s food for thought :slight_smile:

You can’t just bend the spacers off easily. The mounting plate is good quality metal that is welded to the top panel. If you really want to mount another stick there are way to do it, but the easiest way to do this will ruin the overlay of your stick. It’s really up to you.


LS-32-01 is your best bet mate…most used seimeistu stick for versus games as i know

Paik, that’s sort of what I feared… :\

DH020, yeah I know… but I wanted to know if LS-55 would be a compromise as you can read from the earlier responds the 32 is not going to be easy to fit it.

Oh well, thanks guys :slight_smile: Going to hit up one of our beloved stick builders for a quote for shipping to Norway then :tup: