Seimitsu LS-58-01, loose or floppy?


I have a question about the stick. Is the neutral position for the stick supposed to be somewhat floppy and loose? For example if I were to lift the entire arcade stick case and tilt forwards, back, left or right. The stick will move about a 1 or 2 millimeters. It is not a lot but my old JLF didn’t do this but maybe this is just how seimitsu sticks are? I don’t think this is a spring issue. It’s like there is a small range where the stick can float around before the spring is engaged.


This is how most Seimitsu sticks are. The dead-zone wobble.


The deadzone on the 58 is about 2/3’s that of the 32 judging by feel.


You can increase the tension on the LS-58-01 by replacing the spring with an LS-56 spring.

That’s the main difference between the two joysticks other than the revamped bases and transparent shaft/bubble ball options for the LS-58-01-CX.

Several people have reported the LS-56 spring and LS-56 octogates are compatible with the LS-58 series…

As far as deadzones are concerned, it hasn’t affected my playing with either the LS-32 or LS-40. I still find them to react quicker than the JLF and more precisely at least on the older fighting games; I felt more comfortable playing SF IV on the LS-32 for sure, too. Never could get used to the square gate on the JLF, either…


Truth. Still though; it doesn’t bother me at all when I’m using either stick.