Seimitsu ls-62 joystick questions

I was wondering if anyone knows what microswitches are used in the seimitsu ls 62? I wanted to see if anyone owns this joystick and has modified the microswitches and if so what microswitches did u use? Look forward to any feedback, thanks.

Most likely the same supplier that Seimitsu switched to for all their current in production Joysticks.

Same as Ls-33/55/56/58.

Doesn’t the 62 use omron switches like the 60?

I own two from Arcadeshock since some week …Ls-62 use classic Ls-33 pcb and octo gate.

Thanks for all the info. I orderd the ls 62. They really should of updated their microswitches to Omron I.m.o.p but that’s alright. I’m really drawn to the short throw and octagon restrictor plate. I have the newest version of the sanwa jlf silent joystick with a octagon restrictor plate added, even though price tag is a lot more than the ls 62 I feel personal prefrence will prevail and I’ll more than likley go with the ls 62 in my personal fightstick, then sell off my other build with the sanwa silent jlf. Maybe I can throw some cherry switches on the ls. 62!!!

Digonale is better with original Panasonic microswitch , Omron and Cherry have not the same hinge , so it work but not very well pariculary with octogate.

Need more information to pick something that is perfect

need more information

LS-62 can use a square gate?

@Veet1 yes

how loose is the spring in the ls62 compared to a sanwa jlf or hori hayabusa stock??

Tighter spring. I’m not sure if it’s the gate or what but I had a harder time pulling off QCF/B with the ls62 than i do with JLF or Hayabusa.

If you’re not used to an octagon, the shorter throw into diagonals may be giving your trouble.

I use the Octagonal gate for JLF and the Kowal Octagonal gate for the Hayabusa and have no issues with them. It just seems to be something with the way the ls62 gate is. It’s a solid stick, and I imagine that if I spent more time with it, I would have an easier time. At first play, for me anyways, it was more difficult for certain motions.

Dafuq was I talking about?

why do they advertise is as ‘loose’ spring if the spring is stupid tight?? i know the hayabusa is just a tad too loose for me and same for jlf stock spring… but a 2lb jlf spring is WAY too tight for me… where does the ls 62 fall in that range?

Meaning it will not kill your writs/arm?

I don’t know.