Seimitsu LS-62 vs LS-56

For those of who have used both which would you pick for shoot’em ups style games ike Touhou, the CAVE shooters, Ikaruga, etc.?

From what I’ve been reading many like the LS-56 eith the octogate. The LS-62 has a shorter shaft than even the LS-32 and comes with an octogate by default whereas the 56 does not. Supposely the spring on the 56 is tighter while the 62 has a lighter spring. They both have short throws, the LS-62’s throw is probably shorter or at least feels that way due to the shorter shaft. I’d planned on installing Kowal’s short throw mod as well which should make it even shorter.

I really have extensive experience with stock Hori parts (Hayabusa/Kuro) so I figured I’d ask you guys for the breakdown. I’m leaning towards the 62 as of right now.

I plan on mounting this into a Qanba Carbon case. Should I be able to mount it if I use remove the plate (The 62 has an S plate and the 56 has a flat plate I think).

Both Joysticks are compatible with the S-plate
Many people will buy their preferred Seimitsu joystick, and buy an extra S-plate if the Joystick does not come with one already. I wouldn’t use a Flat plate unless that flat mount plate is going to be flush with the underside of the control panel.

The 56 and 62 are pretty much the same except one has the tighter spring.

From the people I spoke to, they prefer the LS-32 or the LS-40. With the LS-40 being the better all around joystick.


I think I got things a bit mixed up. The specific plate I’m talking about is this one:

'Seimitsu’s “SE P=40” mounting plate is considered by many players as the company’s most versatile plate. This plate will attach to a wide variety of case mounts such as:

Hori Real Arcade Pro (HRAP) 3 SA/SE
HRAP 3 and licensed HRAPs such as the Arcana Heart joystick
Qanba™ Q4RAF
MadCatz™ TE

The P-40 covers mounting points of the LS-58-01, LS-56-01 (as used to mount LS-56-01 in HRAP 3), and possesses the same screw mount positions utilized by the Sanwa JLF TP-1.

~Much thanks to SRK’s George C for the information.’

The Carbon and the Q4 are supposed to be basically the same thing so this is probably the plate I would need. It should fit flush, more than the SS plate the LS-62 comes with or the MS flate on the LS-56.

I should have mentioned. I’m modding this stick around shoot’em ups style games.

Yeah, the LS-32 is definitely up for consideration especially the 2017 model. Only thing I heard about it is that it can jump and kibda pull upwards if you apply too much pressure. Maybe that’s gone in the revamped version.

Actually you got it backwards. A Flat plate will not sit flush, as most joystick mounts are “Raised” off the surface of the panel by a bit. There a bracket that ether welded, riveted, or screwed (usually welded) and so the Flat plate will make the joystick sit further from the panel, an S Plate will not get you perfectly flush will get you closer to that flat surface of the control panel more than the Flat plate would.

Only time a flat plate gets you flush, if the mounting on the underside of the panel is already flushed to begin with. And thats rarely the case.

Example of a riased Joystick mounting Bracket Under the Panel

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LS-56 vs 62.

The 62 has almost Zero dead zone, and has a tighter spring. It has the smallest dead zone of any stick I have ever used so if you were looking for a tight control for bullet hell type games, IMO that is the one I would pick.

The 56 is kind of loose and has a bigger dead zone. I prefer the 56 with the larger size (1.0mm actuator) that they sell on paradise arcade shop. They also make a 1.5 but I haven’t tried it. I also put a heavier spring as I find the stock spring in the 56 to be too loose. Paradise offers a 2, 3, 4, and 5 pound sping, I like the longer shaft with the 3 pound spring personally. I also run the square gate as I do not like octogonal gates, but my preference that has more to do with playing charge characters in SF.

But if you play fighting games I prefer the LS-32, as I find it to be the best stick Semitsu makes overall. Though the 56 with some tweaking is also extremely solid. The 62 is just a tad too sensitive for my tastes.

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Actually the 56 has the tightest spring of Seimitsu sticks, has almost zero dead zone and its a big error-prone for fighting games with square gate so i can’t figure out why someone would create a oversized actuator for it even for shmups.

62 use same spring as 60 which is the lightest seimitsu one.


Thanks for the responses guys. Guess I’ll go with the LS-62. The light spring and short throw seems like a good combo. I just needed some verification from someone’s who’s used it already to confirm my decision.

it sounds like the shortness of the throw is just an accidental byproduct of the unusually short shaft. it also sounds like the lightness of the spring is nullified by the shorter throw (a torque-related argument i guess) and as such, some reports say it feels surprisingly stiff. seimitsus already need an s-plate in order for the shaft to be the correct height in a qanba carbon. unless you’re sure that you’ll be ok with such a short lever then i would personally avoid the risk and go with something else.

i wish there was more information about the LS-60, as i prefer very loose joysticks. but instead, that thing went totally off the radar right after it was released. and there isn’t even a pcb version. wtf?

first post on the new srk! hope it works.

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At least there is Joystick harness adapters

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You can fit a ls-56 pcb (called ls-33) but the ls-60 use exclusive switches which is not “solder friendly”. Same as Hayabusa switches but they found a way.

I just installed an ls-62-01 for my dedicated shmup stick and I’m quite taken with it.
It replaced a used ls-58-01 which I’ve been very happy with for many years. I originally was only going to purchase an octogate to replace the square one on the 58, but with shipping costs I figured I might as well try something new. I can always mix and match the mounting plate, gates, and perhaps even the shaft if I feel like it. Both have soft springs and feel very similar, but the 58 may be a touch looser in terms of dead zone.
The 62 is much shorter, but the SS plate compensates a bit and feels just fine. I stuck it in an old WWE Brawl Stick (basically a street fighter 4 SE stick). Had to change the orientation of the mounting plate by 90 degree to get the screws to line up, but no bother. Very sensitive and perfect for cave shmups.

I believe the ls-58 and ls-56 are nearly identical apart from the former having a softer spring, but I’m not sure. It’s difficult to find an ls-58-01 on the market today, but I imagine if I ever wanted another one id simply purchase an ls-56 and a 58 spring and swap it out.

I have been on the fence btwn LS-62 and LS-56 w octo for my shmup stick. I’ve been using an LS-40 and things are a bit loose for me. Is the shaft height really THAT much lower than the LS-58 when mounted? Does it get uncomfortable over time?

I want to chime in more, but I feel the LS-32 and LS-40 are my go to joysticks

It is a shorter shaft, but when paired with an SS plate, which is slightly raised, the end result must only be a few millimeters difference when compared with the LS-58 w/ flat MS plate. This is assuming that you don’t mount your sticks straight to the top panel, but to a raised mounting harness like on the MadCatz sticks. I hardly notice the difference. Functionally, I believe the shorter stick helps with the tiny movements/throw distance. I can’t say that either one is a clear winner, as they are very similar and I’ve enjoyed using both. It’s fun to particularize the small things. That’s part of the fun. But You’d be well served with either for shmups. I haven’t played with an LS-40 yet, so I cannot weigh in on the difference. Another option may be to order the LS-56, an octo gate, and an LS-58 spring. That way you can mix /n match and see what works best. One thing to note is that the LS-62 does not use a shaft cover.

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The LS-40 feels very similar to the LS-32 minus the bit about if you hit a direction hard enough, you would “jump” the gate.

LS-40 is also the closest Seimitsu joystick to the Sanwa JLW, which was Japan’s answer to the IL Euro stick

Thanks for your feedback. Yeah, I’m using a Mad Catz TE case. I’m going to order a LS-62 and an SS plate and see how I like it. Worse to worst, I can buy a LS-56 shaft & spring combo with the MS plate if I don’t like the height.

Let me know what you think. Again, for my brawl
Stick I did have to remove the SS plate and move it 90 degrees to make sure the screws lined up for the SS plate, so you may have to as well. No big deal.

PAS sells a universal plate, no idea if it fits korean half collars or ASIs golden collars but will fit IL, Sanwa, and Seimitsu sticks.

Well I’m using a TE so a universal mounting plate isn’t very necessary. Also, universal plates are single plane and can not accommodate flexible mounting heights like s plates can

LS62 is meant for a flush mount against the CP due to the short shaft. LS56 has a longer shaft and can be installed in any given stick that accepts a JLF with the proper plate and gate. LS62 is the better of the 2 IMHO, without a doubt. You could use a longer shaft but it really beats the purpose of the LS62 design. LS62 it’s used on some of the Virtua Sticks for Saturn.