Seimitsu modded PS3 SE


I have a custom SE for sale. Had it a couple months, and it’s seen very light use. Just selling because I haven’t been playing fighters, and moreover, I can’t play Marvel 2 with it as well as pad, or American sticks.

Has a 6 button layout, the latter straight 6. Obviously you can change them to have the Jappy slant. Buttons screw in PS14’s.

Stick is custom mounted LS-56 with octo gate. Has bubble-top.

Pic showing LS-56 after installation:

If you like the art(it matches everything- the stick’s appearance was thought out before buying top/buttons)but not the Honda logo’s, I’m sure the maker of the design can make the same one without logos. Or you can move the buttons, and get a whole different template made, it’s all your choice.

I haven’t been checking what these are going for, so I’ll say $50, I have that much in buttons/top/stick. Also have the original box.


Add me on msn, I’ll buy this depending on where your willing to ship it off to.

And my email is


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alright you’re on. i dont use desktop messengers tho. Dont like people cutting in my browsing.

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Is this still available? :china: