Seimitsu parts in a TE stick

How easy would it be to put Seimitsu buttons in my madcatz TE stick. Would it require any extensive modding or would I just be able to pop the old buttons out and the new ones in?

The only remote difficulty you’d have is putting in the joystick because it requires the correct mounting plate (not sure which, sorry). And make sure you buy one with a five pin converter if that’s how the JLF is connected inside the TE (it is, right?).

It’s as easy as modding it with Sanwa, I have a TE that’s all Seimitsu and had no difficulty whatsoever putting the joysick and buttons in.

Just drop them in, no modding required.

It might be tricky to fir a Seimitsu screw-in in the LK hole though since it’s so close to the universal mounting bracket. What you want to do is to slide the nut under the mounting bracket first before screwing in the button.

Thanks guys. So any of the 30mm Seimitsu buttons should work?

it’s super easy, u can do in 3 minutes

for the button like d3v said for X/A button, do not have a joystick there. slide the nut in very close to the mount area. screw in the button from the other side. for snaps, make sure the tabs are vertical and give that guy a good whack around the ring to secure. the rest of the buttons are dead simple.

the joystick, get LS-32-01

the way i did it was to take the 2 restrictor gates off. then the metal square, then the microswitch pcb. put the plate in sideways and screw it down. then put the microswitch pcb with the connector pointing away from the buttons just like how it originally was. put the square metal plate back on, put 1 or 2 gates back on it doesnt matter, and plug the connector in upside down from how u originally took it off

The correct mounting plate is the “S” plate. Usually comes stock with the LS-32-01.

Fairly easy for the Snap-in ones. The screw in ones might need some shaving on one of the buttons to get it to fit(?)

For the snap in buttons, they might not seem like they fit at first but you just gotta use some force to get it to pop in. Just press down on it with the palm of your hand and use your weight. It’ll pop in.

If I bought the LS-32-01 from LizardLick, would it all come connected together? In the sample they show, the wiring harness is separated. Basically, I just want to buy the one that will be the closest to a direct replacement.

The TE already has the wiring harness so you don’t need one.

Oh, it’s just a direct drop in. Thanks.

i just received my ls-32-01 that i traded for and popped it in my TE and i love it, to me it feels so much better than a jfl for some reason. it was pretty easy to just drop in, i did have to invert it on the fly since i put it in upside down :stuck_out_tongue: I’m getting a ls-56-01 coming in sometime from Lizardlick, i’m going to have to modify a SE jfl clone plate to make it work in the TE. Lizardlick was out of them when i ordered.

Make sure you rotated the LS-32-01 PCB 90 degrees and you connected the 5 pin connector upside down so everything works correctly. :tup:

Sorry, could you clarify this for me a bit? I’m not sure I follow all the way. Do you mean I have to install the whole stick upside down? Or do I just install it the proper way, but take the stick apart and the PCB 90 degrees? I thought that by rotating the PCB, it would match up with the wiring harness.

Sorry for the noobness.

Yes, what you said.

Just watch this series of videos where ShadowYamato installs a Seimitsu parts (and some art that I worked on to fit on TE) on his TE.