Seimitsu Parts in Madcatz SFIV TE Stick

I’ve been looking around on the net and I’ve seen that a lot of people have modded the Madcatz SE stick with Sanwa/Seimitsu parts, but I was wondering; is the TE stick just as easy to mod?

Basically, I’m gonna fork out for the TE stick, but in future will I be able to easily mod it with a Seimitsu stick and buttons?

I’m assuming that it’ll be very similar to the SE stick, so there shouldn’t be a problem, but I’m hoping somebody with experience can confirm it for me.

Also, is the Seimitsu ls-32-01 the best stick for this?

It should be the same as modding an SE. The best stick is purely opinion but the LS-32 is the most popular Seimitsu stick.

Yes, definitely. I moved my Seimitsu stick/buttons from an SE I sold to a TE. Both of them easily take Seimitsu parts. The LS-32 is a solid stick. I prefer the LS-56 because it uses a stiffer spring and has an octagonal gate option. My execution is better on it than it was with an LS-32. Some people also fancy the LS-40 which is a Neo-Geo stick.

Seimitsu sticks (esp. 56) > Sanwa sticks, but for buttons IMHO Sanwas are nicer.