Seimitsu PS-14-KN Art Issue


my clear buttons have art inserts in them but the problem is they wont stay still they are constantly spinning out of place and the artwork is no longer alligned

anyone have tips on how i can keep them still??


What exactly is spinning around, the art, or the button itself. If it’s the art, you can always use a bit of tape to keep it still, if it’s the button, just tighten it.


The lightest dab of white elmer’s glue. It’s water soluble so if you want to change your art you can rinse off and dry. Clear tape is good to, but looping it is work.


Get some double sided tape.


Or a really thin wad of wall-tack.


It’s always good to make sure buttons are tight, otherwise you should/I recommend getting that double sided tape. Makes it great for removal etc. Good luck sir!


sorry i wasnt clear its the buttons that are doing the moving and yes ive tightened them but i cant seem to get them tight enough


Try using a bit of glue, or something like Loctite.