Seimitsu PS-14-KN Fitting in Madcatz SE/TvC/Brawlstick


I’m thinking about getting some PS-14-KN buttons for my Brawlstick.

The reason I want to go for screw-ins is down the fact that the buttons I have in at the minute (standard madcatz snap-ins) kind of swivel around inside the hole, and once I remove the original artwork, which is a thick laminate and replace it with a thinner, vinyl sticker they would be even looser.

My question is will the screw-ins fit? I’ve heard that the bottom left button is a tight fit next to one of the pcb’s and the screw-ins can be tricky to install there.

Has anyone attempted this mod before or have any advice/knowledge on fitting these buttons to this particular case?



Seimitsu PS-14-KNs will fit.

Here’s an old picture of mine of PS-14-KNs in a TvC stick (you can ignore everything else inside there; absolutely nothing is stock other than the physical outer casing anyways):

The Short/1K button might be tricky, but I found it easiest to place the screw-nut there with one of the “recesses” on the nut wedged into the rounded corner of the joystick mount that’ll be there, and screw the button in, instead of the other way around (ie, putting the button in and spinning the nut over the threads). Alternatively, an option is that can always just Dremel off some of that corner of the joystick mount; it’s not like you’ll ever use it anyways.

You might need to try it out a couple of times if you need the microswitch in a specific orientation though; I kinda did as seen in the picture above.


PS-14-KN buttons would be fine. They fit just fine.
Yes some spots will be a tight fit, the trick with Sanwa Screw in is to use Seimitsu nuts.
But you already are using Seimitsu buttons so there isnt a issue.


@FreedomGundam thanks for the reply! Wow that looks sweet man! I notice you have stripped down alot of the internals for custom pcb’s did you fit the buttons when you still had the original hardware inside?

@Darksakul cool thats good to know. Thanks man.


yes it does work


yes it does work