Seimitsu PS-14-KN for HRAP3 help


Ok i just got me a HRAP3 from and i was thinking about getting the
Seimitsu PS-14-KN buttons from lizards licks ( the nice looking buttons). Anyways, i was wondering how would i install them into my HRAP3 ?? They dont snap-in like the Sanwa buttons, but it looks like they might screw-in into the HRAP3. Thanks in advance and i’d appreciate the help. =) Oh and another thing…if i wanted to change the ball top with another Sanwa ball top, how would i do that ?? Does the ball top just screw off ?


yeah they are screw ins. i’m getting the same ones as soon as lizardlick restocks. u don’t have to worry, they will fit. the hrap3 has enough room for the nuts to screw on (unlike the hrap2).


do you have to do any drilling?


no need …


They just screw in no modification needed.

The ball top change will be self explanatory when you see the inside. You just need a flat head screw driver to hold the bottom of the joystick from spinning and twist the ball top off.


thanks guys i appreciate all the help =)


Yea, just tighten them up real good. I just did this recently.


would the button move a lot if i put a plexi-glass cover over the top???


if the holes are the right size, they are not going to move


Even if the hole was not right size, Button will not move.
There is Metal Panel underneath, remember?


I’ve had quite a bit of experience with plexis and buttons.

The moveable tabs on the buttons might not lie quite flush with the metal faceplate… However, with the plexi on it’s a tight fit and those buttons are NOT going to pop off!

At worse, you might to occasionally have to push down on the SIDES of the buttons to get them to lie flush with the plexi top. Don’t push down on the plunger to get the buttons evenly aligned – ALWAYS push from the sides/on the sidewalls of the buttons to get them flush with the plexis!


This about Screw-in Buttons, not Snap-in. :looney:

But I know what you talking about GeorgeC.
Snap-in Buttons go on super tight with acrylic.

The first time I did such a thing, the acrylic broke. :sad:


i personally hate snap ins. I prefer screw ins, hate how tight snap ins fit.


Likewise, I just wish Sanwa’s color options for screw-ins were as plenty as the snap-ins.


Also wish sanwa would make the nuts smaller similar to the seimitsu nuts. Sucks when you have to trim down acouple to make them fit.



Forgot the whole screw-in thing. Then again, Seimitsu’s more confusing with button designations than anybody else! That’s what happens when they reuse the same numbering and designation over and over again through the product line. Japanese suffixes just don’t make sense to me.

I know I can’t keep that button line straight without the photos! :looney:

The screws-in do seem like they’d be safer for acrylic plexis, though. I still haven’t had a plexi crack with button installation, though. It’s always happened with snap-in button removals where I hadn’t shaved off the vestigial tabs before the installation. The other cracks I’ve caused by tightening cap sockets a bit too much.

Both types of buttons do share manufacturing runs where wide bottoms requires a “bit of trimming” to fit the faceplate

Haven’t had that “pleasure” myself yet but I have read about 3 cases besides yours of that on the forum.