Seimitsu PS-14-KN Problem?

Hey guys, I just got some clear screw-in seimitsus. I’m using them to mod my Tournament Edition, which comes with its stock JLF. Will there be a problem with the JLF or any part of its mount getting in the way of the seimitsus? I’m just wondering because I’ve seen someone who had trouble putting in seimitsu buttons with a Tournament Edition that has the stock JLF. Thanks in advance guys.

Just put Nut under Mounting Bracket.

You might have to sand the nut down some. I’ve seen videos where people say to just sand it down alittle and it should fit fine. Then mount the button through the top

Like jdm714 said, it should slide under the mounting bracket. The TE’s joystick mount is spaced so that you can fit a Seimitsu nut in there, though it may be a tight fit. Then you can screw the button into the nut.

And just to reiterate what everyone else has said:

Put the nut in place then screw the button in rather than putting the button in place then screwing the nut on.

Cool, thanks guys! God, I love SRK