Seimitsu PS-14-KN v. Sanwa OBSF-30 - Performance


i’m having a little trouble deciding on which buttons to get. i really like how the Seimitsu PS-14-KN look, but it seems that the OBSF-30 is better quality. so far i’ve only been playing on the hori buttons that came standard on the hrap3, so i don’t really know what to expect or look for. i hope you guys can give me your opinions.


I bought one of easy to see which feels better to me and the result was that I chose seimitsu.
You need slightly mode presure to push it down and the button felt a little bit more solid and less cheap.

But that’s just my opinion.


sanwa aren’t better quality, maybe more responsive, microswitches about the same quality, but the shell isn’t as nice as KN’s they also look cheaper. Obviously they cost less too.

Thing with KN’s they look too nice you don’t want to have them scratched, sanwas you can get down and dirty with them and not mind heh.


what somo people do is to order both and change the actuator on the seimitsu, so you have the sanwa quality on the nice PS-14. I will be doing that when mines arrive if i dont like the seimitsu feeling =).


I prefer the look and feel of the flat surface of the Seimitsu in this case, but when you really get down to it, I can use the Hori, and Happ Competition buttons just as well, without any real noticeable difference in actual play. Probably because I press the buttons harder than I have to.

To me, it felt easier to press the Seimitsu than the Sanwa, just because of the shape. That doesn’t mean I failed to press either one. When I have to mash buttons like to get out of dizzy, I’m not one of those people who rub there hands all over the buttons like crazy. I tap 5 buttons rapidly instead; so that’s probably another reason I can use HAPP’s just as well (not preferred though).

Between the two buttons, go for the look and whether or not you like convex or flat. You will not notice a difference in performance, at the most, just feel.

I went from using Seimitsu buttons for years, to suddenly using a friend’s Sanwa stick (with Sanwa buttons of course) and didn’t notice any major difference. It didn’t feel wrong, and I couldn’t tell if it was responding better. It might matter if you press the buttons with the bare minimum force, which would require the finesse of a butterfly.


I pressed the seimitsu against the sanwa. That was the only way to tell which one needs more presure. With bare fingers I just noticed that the seimitsu’s surface feels nicer :wgrin:


you cant rest your fingers on sanwa buttons, works with seimitsu.


Just lurking this thread nailed down my decision to get those PS-14-KN for my incoming HRAP EX.

Now…If only lizardlick would hurry up and restock the blue ones…


I remember the HRAP2 stock pushbuttons used Seimitsu switches. I believe they still use these switches in the new HRAP models. The difference with the HRAP buttons is just the pushbutton shell which is not as good as Seimitsu.

I play good on both and even though you can feel some difference it does not affect your accuracy of control.

If you would like a pushbutton with a lighter press then what you have get Sanwa.

  1. Can I put a cut-out image inside the button of these Seimitsu PS-14 KN buttons (Orange & White)? If yes, can it still be seen clearly on both?

2. Can I replace the balltop of a JLF joystick with a Seimitsu bubble ball?
3. Do I still need to buy the 5-pin universal joystick cable when I buy a Joystick (both Sanwa & Seimitsu)?


1)Yes. (On the orange it will have an orange tint.)
3)It depends.


Both of those buttons allow you to put cut outs inside, and they will be clearly visible (however the orange one will have an orange tint of course :D.

Yes, you can replace the ball top with a bubble ball top. They use the same convention.

This depends on you. You have to do your research to tell whether or not your stick comes with it. Perhaps you also don’t know that you never ‘need’ a wiring harness, but it makes your job much easier and less permanent. If your PCB has support for a harness, then get one – if not, well it doesn’t matter if you have one or not.


For me… Sanwa’s are a little too sensitive. I’ve got an HRAP3 with Sanwa and a NAS with Seimitsu and prefer the NAS.


I reckon you should buy both buttons and try them out yourself. Everyones different.

They both got different feel and when you press them they make different sounds too.

really up to what you like. But after using both, I felt i had to press harder when I was using the Seimitsus to get a response. Might be because I used Sanwas first, but when I changed it didn’t feel right. Also I like convex surface more than flat. Coz if you don’t hit the middle of a button when it is flat it feels like u have to press it a bit harder whereas convex you can hit the button on the side and the angle will help the button go down nicely. My 2 cents

But really up to what feels best for ya


The Sanwa are very sensetive and even the slightest touch will get it off.

The Seimitsu uses a 2 step process instead, the button will be initiated when it is halfway down.

BTW this info is in the sanwa&seimitsu FAQ which is in a sticky on this forum.


I think the original poster found the answer already. Post was dated back to January.


This only works with the ps-14-k not the KN’s. The K models are snapin & discontinued. The switch on the KN is completely different & won’t work with sanwa switch.


This is exactly what I’m worried about. I NEED clear buttons for my project, and translucent is just not going to cut it. i was considering even getting some PS-14-GNs and plunger-swapping.


In the photos I’ve seen with button art, the plungers look very clear.


i have both Sanwa and Seimitsu buttons. I don’t like Sanwa buttons because they are way too sensitive. Even when navigating xbox live menu, just a accidental brush of the button will activate it and it’s really annoying to me. Also, when pulling off Ultra’s, I press all three buttons, and because they are so sensitive, sometimes I end up with a EX or super instead of the ultra because i’m a split second off from pressing one button.

I’ve switched to Seimitsu buttons and not only do they look nicer, they play much better FOR ME. I can rest my fingers on top of the button and react faster.

BTW> there is a huge thread on Sanwa Vs Seimitsu FAQ already.