Seimitsu PS-14-KNs coming loose?

I have a HRAP EX that I’ve modded with some Seimitsu PS-14-KN buttons. They all fit in nice and snug, but after a few hours of gameplay, they seem to come loose. I’ve tightened them as much as I can, but they still manage to come loose. Is there any tool that can help tighten that or any way I can get the buttons to stay secure?

I assuming the ps-14-KN is the screw in type…yes?

You have a few choices, but the least invasive would be to use a THIN layer of teflon tape on the threads.

Teflon “tape” has no adhesive and is used to make air tight seals in air and gas lines. It comes in a small roll and its often white. It comes in yellow too, but avoid the yellow stuff…yellow is for high pressure gas lines and its much thicker.

This is what I’m talking about:

I have used it as a thread locker on plastic threads before with success.

I use teflon tape as well on my Seimitsu Screw-ins. Mine are installed on a wood and acrylic surface though, not metal as in your HRAP.

It may be that the metal is too thin and the nuts can’t hold due to the vibration from the constant pounding on the buttons. Hopefully the teflon tape will alleviate your problem though, good luck.

Small drop of hot glue.