Seimitsu PS-15 30mm Snap-In Buttons, SE Stick?

Will the Seimitsu PS-15 30mm Snap-In Buttons? Fit in my Madcatz SE Stick? or the screw in sanwas? I think the sanwa’s do the first 2 are just a tight fit also thinking about getting a LS-32-01, I know i need the SS plate but im not seeing it anymore maybe i don’t get lizardlicks new navigation

The PS-15’s should fit. The lips are the same size as the regular buttons and they’re sized to fit regular thickness panels. The difference in length is the body BENEATH the lips/grippers.

Screw-in Sanwas would fit, too, but if you’re set on the PS-15’s they should be okay, too.

The LS-32-01 comes with the SS mounting plate as a standard accessory. No worries there. You don’t have to order anything extra… Be aware that unless you intend to use the ball handle that came with your SE stick (it’ll fit; Hori and Mad Catz stock ball handles are sized to fit Seimitsu and Sanwa joysticks) that LL no longer ships ball handles with the joysticks you order.

They were forced to discontinue this service because of rising part costs between the US and Japan.

That’s fine by me; I hated to be forced to get ball handles with the joysticks. I usually have the ball handle I want to use already!

Never did care for Seimitsu ball handles, either. They never match the color of Sanwas. They are generally a shade lighter.

Both will fit.
the PS-15s will just snap in.
The Sanwa will all go in except for the one button closest to the mounting plate (lk?). The nut is too big. Your options are to a.)Make the nut thinner or b.)Use a Seimitsu nut (Put the nut in on the bottom of the button hole, in place, and screw it in that way, otherwise its not going to be feasible, the mounting plate will get in the way of you screwing it in.

LS-32-01 will fit in the SE with the default mounting plate, which is the SS plate. They have them at Lizardlick (Joysticks > Seimitsu > Seimitsu Joystick Parts), but the 32-01 comes with it, 32 does not though.

I wasn’t sure because the pushbuttons look smaller then the sanwa’s snapins and seimitsu’s previous snapins

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