Seimitsu Screw in TE A Button

I just got my order from Lizard Lick to covert my TE into all Seimitsu parts. So I start screwing in all the buttons but the button for the “A” hole won’t screw in properly because of the welded bracket for mounting the joystick is in the way.

How would I go about screwing this bad boy? Just not tightening it down all the way?

I took out my whole joystick expecting it to make room but no dice.

Ones say you can slip the nut under the bracket first them screw the button into but I’ve never had success with that. I just tighten the nut down onto the bracket. Unless something pushes up on the button from beneath it should stay in just fine.

I slipped it under =)

Thanks a ton!

Nut goes under Mounting Bracket.
Screw Button in.

Normally is done by placing Button in then screw Nut.
This is opposite.