Seimitsu Sticks comparison

very nice comparison. :smiley:


about centring to center, what’s dynamics and reflecting?

When are you going to get your site translated to English for us, Kowal?:wgrin:

dynamiks - it how it was it been possible was quickly to alter direction & or it comes back to plumb - line strongly
reflecting - or joystick records opposite direction near centring to center - effect jojo.
my English is weak:sweat: . possible that I used bad word:P

2-3 months. I will finish side first (I have to buy yet Korean joysticks). I will seek someone who this then it will translate.

Good to hear, kowal. A great site for technical specs on joysticks of all kinds.

Pressure should be measured in Pascals, not grams. But in this case it seems like you’re measuring the force, not the pressure, so that would be Newtons. :wink:

can someone explain to me the execution ratings? I’m a bit slow. Are these subjective ratings?

Yeah, I don’t really get how there are negative integers under the execution column, when at the bottom it says it ranges from 1 - 6. Sorry for being an idiot.

Great looking chart though. I’ll be consulting it again if I ever decide to get a Seimitsu.

You have to excuse him, he’s a Pollock! :lovin: :rofl: :wgrin:

right. I have not newtometr to measure this. But 1kilopond=9,8N. this was it been possible probably to exchange on Newton . If I make a mistake this me improvements.

cast of form, the mount - plate, quality of material… yes this is subjective, but from all joysticks which I have Sanwa and Mag-stick looks the most nicely. Seimitsu disappointed me. They look how made in China not Japan.

Sanwa is better quality, I agree. Although Seimitsu has some VERY good sticks like LS-55(-01) and LS-40(-01) for example.

dinamics = time to return to center?
reflecting = when you tap down and it returns to center, hit top and go center again?

plastic which seimitsu uses it is weak quality. Actuator destroys when was used 4 way mode. Yellow restrictor rubs off also. Sanwa & iL has considerably better. Plates be paint and scratched, iL uses chrome. difference in quality is huge but they act in games often better from sanwa.
model LS56 has better plastic (base) I must will add him one point

I see. Well then I think you should change the word, “Execution,” to something like, “overall quality.” When I saw execution, I thought you were refering to the actual performance of the stick in actual games. If that were the case, in my opinion, I would rate the seimitsu a little higher. But overall I agree about the quality of the material, mounting plate, etc.

Of course none of this relates directly to game play, And personal preference and playing style dont come into it.
Its an interesting chart nonetheless and I commend you for putting so much work into it.
(Seimitsu for the win)

Check out his site…he has charts like this for all of the major joysticks. Really is a great site for the 5 people in the world that speak Polish!:lovin: