Seimitsu vs sanwa buttons

After feeling the Seimitsu buttons on my friend’s stick, I absolutely fell in love. They’re sensitive, but not as extremely sensitive as Sanwa buttons, yet it doesn’t have big resistance like Happ Competitions do either. It’s a middle ground as Imitrex said.

Speaking of Seimitsu buttons, does Seimitsu make 24mm buttons that are capable of being used with LED lights? I know they make the PS-14-KNs, but do they make anything similar for 24mm size?

never tried simitsu but i like my sanwa buttons :slight_smile:

I actually find that the Sanwa buttons are far better than the Seimitsu ones. I rank them as: 1) Sanwa, 2) Happ, 3) Seimitsu. I personally hated the Seimitsu buttons, as I felt that I had to beat the hell out of them just to get them to work after a period of time…just my 2 cents though…

I just have experience with Sanwa and Happ buttons. I got some Seimitsus but I don’t have them installed on a stick yet. The Sanwas are really sensitive though. Sometimes I will lightly breeze over a button and it activates it.

Since I grew up with happ competition, it sounds like I would like seimitsu, as sort of a middle ground between sanwa and happ. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll keep reading and considering though if anyone wants to post more.

So over time it’ll feel more like a Sanwa lol.

Sanwas are brillliant when you get used to them and most responsive.

The fanciest Seimitsus look better. Almost don’t want to use them because you’ll scratch the lovely clear tops.

All preference though.

I can tell you the difference technically.

Lets say both buttons travel 4mm down into the surrounding plastic.

Sanwa buttons travel smoothly all the way down. Very low resistance all the way.

Seimitsu travels smooth for 2mm and has a bit of resistance for the remaining 2mm (while the switch is pressing).

Its subtle but its there. Seimitsu is halfway between happ and sanwa. maybe leaning more towards the sanwa.

Both are excellent buttons.

Yes I’ve seen those clear seimitsu. They do look sweet and that factors into the decision.

That was very helpful thanks. I think my fingers would be more comfortable with the slightly increased resistance of the seimitsu.

BTW, Seimitsu G-series buttons feel very different than most Japanese buttons. They offer more resistance and even have a significantly different sound. While the traditional Japanese buttons have “click” or “snap” sounds, the G-series buttons have a hollow, drum-like sound. So they can’t be categorized with every other Japanese button (in my opinion).

In the end, you have to try them out and see what suits you. I never liked Sanwa buttons since they were too responsive. I could barely nudge the button and it would register. So I took white Sanwa plungers and put them in Black (dark-hai) Sanwa encasings (AKA the part the plunger pops out of). So basically it’s a Sanwa button with a Seimitsu White/Black color scheme. This gives the illusion of less sensitivity and increased depth since you can see the button being lowered with respect to the black outline.

Try this:

Also note that the different varieties of Seimitsu buttons feel different as well. Snapins, Screwins, and clear KN screwins, ALL use different switches, and people have claimed that the KN’s were the worst.

I’ve got a set of PS-14-K’s and a set of KN’s - the KN’s definately have more resistance and a clickier feel. My sanwa’s are super sensitive and I’m still getting used to them!

I like switching between my sticks though, some days one set up feels better than the others - I really don’t have a definate preference.

I personally like Sanwas more. I like the sensitivity because I have a light touch. Seimitsus are also top quality and would be my second choice.

When I made my first stick I was curious about the difference of the two brands. I bought 3 Sanwas and 3 Seimitsu. After a couple of days I deceided Sanwa was for me.

I looked this thread up through yahoo, because I was wondering what the difference of the feel would be…

The reason is, that Seimitsu has a much better variety in colors of the translucent line compared to Sanwa. I’m getting a TE2 Rivals stick and was thinking I wanted to put LEDs in it and replace the orange and yellow buttons with translucent orange and yellow only to find that neither Sanwa or Gamerfinger makes orange translucent buttons.

But I’ve never used anything but Sanwa and have been using them nearly every day for the past few years so I’m hesitant to change, you know how the slightest change can throw you off. For quite a while I was used to playing on the last 6 and now I’m trying to retrain myself how to play on the first 6, and I don’t think I wanna add a different button feel on top of things.

Maybe I’ll wait a while before I add LEDs, or maybe I’ll just do translucent rims with solid plungers.


Just out of curiosity, is anyone using the red HBFS-G2s? I thought they looked quite orange looking in the pic at FocusAttack, but maybe they’d look more red in person and on stick.

The thread has been inactive for SEVEN YEARS and you bump it up?

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Sanwa SW-68 switches will work in Seimitsu buttons that take the PS-14-G switch if you find the feel to be too different.

Oooh, thanks. That solves my problem, then… I’ll try them and if I don’t like the way the switch feels I’ll just replace.

And yes, I bumped it, so what? Didn’t want to make a new thread to ask a question that’s already been asked.

Hence why we have this at the top of the thread:

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