Seimitsu Wiring Help for Mayflash 2007 PCB


Attempted to mod my first stick with a Seimitsu LS-32-02 by soldering the 5-pin wire harness to the Mayflash 2007 PCB; the buttons work but the stick reads all directions as Left, and in my previous attempt all directions as Up. I assume that I’ve wired it incorrectly.

Since I seem to be unable to find any proper guides I’ve had to pretty much guess the wiring using the following as vague reference with no success: Photos/7b31b058.jpg

Does anybody know the proper way to solder the Seimitsu LS-32-02 wire harness to the Mayflash 2007 PCB?


You probably linked the 4 ground wires from the main pcb to your joystick as if they were signal wires and then used left (or up for your first attempt) for your joystick’s ground.
Beware, red wires are grounds and black ones signals (well that was the case with my mayflash).


SOLVED: Used different wiring method.


As far as solutions go for anyone reading this with the same issue, you might as well have said “SOLVED: I solved it.” but I’m glad you sorted it out.