Seismo HJC Seismo HJC Seismo HJC Shortcut?



Hello everybody, ^^
i’m french i played Ryu & Fei Long and need some tips for C.Viper my new main character about Seismo HJC Seismo HJC Seismo HJC. Which commands do you use (i know the timing and theory command), but i want know if there is some shorcuts for that (for example: i don’t dragon with 326 but 346) and it’s difficult for me to 326 29 362 29 326 !
Thanks for all your tips and answer & sorry for my primitive english… ! ^^

A present for all my C.Vip players :wink:
[media=youtube]8fD3W062kwg]YouTube - Baiza Sanma (Ryu) vs Momochi (C.Viper) [Momochi Exhibition[/media]


Check the Viper tips thread. There’s a lot of information in there about this subject, as well as other tactics vital to Viper play.

As for your question, there is no real shortcut, hit 7 8 or 9 after your dp motion and hit punch. The timing will need to be practiced in training mode.


I do Seismo -> 63214789
I also use this to do sj fadc from a seismo just press mk-mp instead


Not true :o
there is a shortcut! I think I have the easiest: just input “3 3 9 punch” 3 3 is a shoryuken shortcut, then the 9 will initiate the super jump : )


easiest is (from 1 player side) 6369 Forward, Downforward, Forward, Upforward…as if you’re doing Dhalsim’s instant teleport…4 inputs…but if you’re on a TE stick (or any square gate stick) you can simply press Forward then go to the bottom corner, then the top corner and press P to get your next seismo.


I do dp, d, u, dp. Not the most easiest way to do it but it works!


i cannot get this for the life of me x_x i have the inputs down but the timing is absolutely killing me, no matter how many videos i watch of people doing it. any timing tips?

also, here is the input i’m doing, for the sake of not writing it in notation:

this is correct, correct? despite the extra forwards in the middle, i’ve tried doing it as fast as possible, to moderately fast, to not fast at all, blah blah.


I do seismo qcfx2 punch. If you have super when you do this, it’ll cause it to come out after the 1st seismo so try and avoid doing it then or you could start with an ex-seismo to get rid of that possibility.