Seismo xx Seismo - Performance Questions

I’ve seen seismo done into another seismo, but I can’t seem to do it. I would guess it’s with HJC but I don’t know the exact method. Anyone know?

This could have been posted in the Moveset and Abilities topic.

Anyway, my method is to do seismo and after seeing the first seismo hit, input the second ending in upforward.

So it’s :dp: and then :dp::uf: after you see the first seismo hit.

Nobody wants to read threads anymore. :lol:

damn the removal of the search function, that’s who’s fault this is…:chainsaw:

its still there

seismo xx seismo =

seismo, once you see it hit or be blocked do another but with up+p instead of just DP+P…

so dp >u+p

i find it easier to hit :df: :df: :ub: :mp: (if your facing right) it has a really wierd timeing and i had to spend quite awhile in training to get it down, but i can get them out quite easy now.

This works for me too, but i cant seem to get it out consistently, so after I hit them, I do the DP motion then up + p, but sometimes it just doesn’t work.

But this method seems to work best for me

this is pissing me off. i cant execute for doggy shit.

I watch for the explosion around Viper, and not the opponent. When you see the circle explosion around Viper, you can start doing the 2nd one (smooth, NOT fast). Really helps me on either side.

agreed not fast… if you’re getting the HJ a lot then you’re doing it a little to fast…

unheard of. a move of hers that doesnt require crazy fast input?? :encore:

i kept getting SJ every time… thought I was too slow :pray::pray:


I always thought the same thing when I was learning to fierce TK cancel, turns out she doesn’t require lightning fingers for EVERYTHING.

Wow, this advice helped me ALOT. I’ve been struggling with this for a few days, I was definitely trying to execute the second hammer motion too soon and too fast. This move takes patience during the execution. Now I don’t touch the stick until her fist hits the ground and I’m hitting the double (or SJC - LK) almost every time. Thanks!

good help here

This helped me get Seismos down a lot easier… thanks a lot for the tip. Before, I was super jumping a lot because I was watching the dust from the opponent connect.

same here. it helped me too.

I can only get 2 seismos off consistently =/. I guess I’m still timing it wrong after the second one

Glad it worked, that was my same exact problem too haha.

edit: 3 more people too? Awesome, hope it helps Viper do better :bgrin: .

i was busting my brain trying to do this move, then i read the unthinkable here ‘I have to do…the move…Slowly???’ I slowed it down, waiting till i fired the first setsimo and it worked immediately. awesome

Yeah it’s funny cuz when you watch Viper in match vids it looks like you have to pull off everything she does at blinding speed. Then you play the game and realize that it’s more when you press the buttons than how fast you press them.