Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - now available!


This looks right up my alley- action mixed with Tenchu lite stealth and traversal with the From Software style. Also glad to hear this will be on PC- playing Bloodborne again after getting used to a much more potent PC has me missing the better framerate and cleaner look (moreso the framerate though).


Speaking of combat-based gameplay, people do tend to get the impression that Sekiro is something of a Japanese-style Dark Souls . Are you saying that’s not the case?

Hidetaka Miyazaki, president: “That’s right. Sekiro’ s “kengeki” combat requires a different playstyle from Dark Souls . In Sekiro’ s “kengeki” combat, you first need to fiercely clash blades with the enemy, and amidst the fierce combat, you have to find the right opening to attack the enemy’s body parts. Furthermore, effective methods of combat in each encounter are set to be even more effective than usual. That’s Sekiro’ s characteristic. We wanted to give meaning to using the various methods at your disposal and working out the effective ways of dealing with enemies.”

So changing methods of combat based on the enemy type and situation will be important.

Miyazaki: “Yes. The position you take using the grappling hook, how you utilize stealth, and the tools provided with your prosthetic arm… how you fight and adapt is now important. You can’t just attack head-on all time, or hide all the time, and instead have to use everything you can to win. That’s Sekiro’ s way of the ninja.”


Even with the director himself saying it I’d bet money people on Reddit will still call it a Souls game.


Likely. They still think Smash is a fighting game. So.



Is that a deluxe edition or just a preorder? Info?


From what I’ve gathered the steel book case and stuff is for the deluxe edition only which is exclusive to Gamestop


Japanese retailer edition:

West gets this version here:



“This game is extremely difficult.”

From whence do you hail?

What is your tale of woe?


It’s a month away and I still worry about how Activision will potentially fuck this up.


Why? This is a fully From developed game. From has already said in interviews that they simply went to Activision for overseas publishing and tutorial advice. They are self-publishing in Japan and have the final say on everything.




man, this game is only about a month away. Freakin excited.


Apparently, it’s for some sort of contest, via lottery, somewhere in Europe, according to the comments.


Yeah, I actually think it looks kind of tacky


I think the PlayStation itself looks cool, and the woodgrain controller skin is nice, but why does it have the games name emblazoned across the touch pad? Lol.


This game started showing up in my listings when searching for DMC5. I’m intrigued to say the least.


Not sure why it would, it’s pretty different. But yeah it probably my most anticipated game this year along with Nioh 2(and DMC5 and Astral Chain right after those)