Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - now available!


Its got an action emphasis and thats enough for most to consider them similar.

I’m hype for this game tho I still know very little about it. It might have to wait a but tho because I’m buying DMCV and I’m trying to be less irresponsible with my money so trying to only buy one game this month…trying.


There’s a ton of preview impressions vids out now from various recent events that press and influencers were invited to. I already expected it to be great but it actually might surpass my expectations. The only thing I’m a little iffy on is movement feels pretty slippery from the footage I’ve seen. Like a dodge doesn’t have an obvious recovery animation or follow-through and the double jump doesn’t have the character “stick” on the wall at all(i.e. a wall jump in DMC) so it lacks weight in those moments.


Didn’t know Nioh 2 coming? I still need to play the first one. There’s a lot of (hopefully good) single player content coming down the pipe.


Nioh 2 was announced last year as well



A few more days boys!
BTW, there are two new official trailers out but they are kind of spoiler-y, so avoid them if you want.


Do we know if preloads are up yet, most importantly for PC (for me at least)? Also, I assume the game is going live at 9 PM PST Thursday, 12 AM EST Friday?


It is on consoles, no idea about PC


According to PlayStation Universe, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has a rather small file size, weighing in at 12.52GB. Meanwhile, the mandatory day one update will cost PS4 users another 3.67GB of space. What Sekiro’s day one patch will consist of currently remains under wraps.


If I had to guess is that the patch is pretty much a bug patch for bugs caught after the game went gold, as is the case with most day 1 patches.


I can’t wait for people to flip their shit regardless.


There’s gonna be a bunch of salty people angry they can’t summon, can’t level vit, can’t get new weapons or wear different armor and don’t want an action game. :roll_eyes:


So just pure action?

No power ups, even?


You can upgrade health and attack power but grinding won’t ever help that. Health you get from getting 4 Prayer Beads and those are drops from mini-bosses or maybe key item pickups in the world, they can’t be grinded for. Attack Power upgrade items are only recieved when beating a boss.

Edit: you probably can grind for prosthetic upgrades but those will still probably be locked behind area progression since they need specific materials, not only money. There are skill points, but I don’t think any of them do anything for damage, just unlock new abilities for combat. So obviously, that can help and you can grind for those, but I don’t that is going to stop you from needing to get better.



Make your own shield…


Got the game pre-loaded. Players in Japan and Europe are playing the game already. That pisses me off.


You’ll live.




Or die trying.