Seksi harasho! Let's talk sexualization in SG here. AND HERE ONLY! >_<


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Sexy Sexism… I feel like skullgirls is not sexist at all Parasoul is like freaking Hitler and Valentine is a super ninja that is very skill its not like they are cooking sandwiches and baking cakes they are whooping ass and taking over the world.


I still think Parasoul’s skirt isn’t fit for high kicks lol =]


Yes…so true…and Valentine’s breast can’t be helping her in fighting…5pound bags weigh her down I wonder how mobile she would be breast less…Wait never mind that is wear she keeps her equipment.


As I said in the GD thread.

Lol sexism.


Common female fighting game tropes that Skullgirls does not have:

High heels
Moves where the character kisses the opponent
Moves where the character kicks the opponent in the crotch
Moves where the character wraps their thighs around the opponents face
Inaccurate (absurdly low) weights for given character height and body type
Lower than average health for female characters
Suggestive voice acting


It’s all there to be cheesecake. I’m okay with cheesecake, as long as it’s not just the cheesecake.

And it clearly isn’t. So there.


As an aside: Anyone who whines about Skullgirls-style cheesecake while loving Soul Calibur is a bloody hypocrite.

Cerebella has stilettos.

Technically, Cerebella has one, but it’s not treated as sexual and as an acrobat it makes sense for her.




@Rofl_bot As I’d rather not write another long ass post to this that does little but elaborate on points I’ve already made, I’ll keep it simple, and if you want to continue this discussion, I guess I’ll reply if I don’t have to go over it again.

You didn’t. However, your post does allude to ‘problematic character design’ as well as terms such as ‘male gaze’, ‘male privilege’, and takes the stance of Skullgirls being ‘status quo’, which you identify as ‘to pander to the white male audience’ which inherently implies racism and sexism.

And in such discussion it is never stated exactly why this character design is problematic for any reason other than imprinting social critique on fictional characters.

Of which there is a variety of such in Skullgirls. Even if the figures don’t differ as much as you’d apparently like to see, to say that the characters or their figures are at all homogenized is simply false. Filia or Fortune do not have the same figure as Painwheel or Peacock who do not have the same figure as Parasoul or Valentine.

LOL, no. I can see why you’d say that of Sakura, but in truth neither of them are portrayed that way. And neither of them have the figures of children, unless you equate the figures of teenagers with the figures of children. Peacock has the figure of a child.

Cammy has an hourglass figure? Um, no. What, do they have to be female bodybuilders or fat for you to acknowledge their figures as different? Voluptuous, Athletic, and Slender are all different figure types. Again, simply false.

Then why is being sexy ‘problematic’?

So what, you want a token ‘unsexy’ character in Skullgirls? Hello, Painwheel, Hello, Peacock. That’s 1/4 of the cast. You were saying?

In SFIV, everyone has oversized/largely defined muscles. Also, so what?

If it’s not alright for them to be sexual, then there’s something wrong with them being sexy. Why mince words? And, you originally said “Fictional characters made by men for the male gaze can’t have agency.” Limiting the characters that can’t have agency to those created by men, for men. Choose your words better.

It’s alright for those characters to be sexy, because there’s more to them than just that, and they aren’t relegated to mere pin-up girls and nothing more by nature of this being a fighting game, among other design choices. What’s your problem with that argument?

No, I got your point loud and clear. I told you why I find it invalid, and went over it to attack the point you’re *implying *as well (even if you’re not intentionally implying it). And here I broke it down for you, piece by piece.

As it stands, I find your point in regards to *this *game completely irrelevant. Anything else?

If not, I’m done with this thread already. I’m off to get laid.

Have a nice day, ladies and gents!


Cerebella has 2in heels at best, certainly not stilettos and the worst in SG. Madonna was doing flips and shit at the Super Bowl in more unreasonable footwear than that! In her running grab Vice Versa holds them down while she kneels on him and beats on the opponent, she doesn’t get on the opponents shoulders.

Valentine isn’t even as bad as the medic in Starcraft, let alone someone like Juri.


I think threads like these are holding back humanity’s progress as a whole


Sexy =/= sexist.


I’m too scared to call Skullgirls sexist. Valentine at 6’ and 160lbs could probably beat me up pretty easily.


Amazons are hawwwwwwt.


This threads existence lends way to much credibility the the idea that Skullgirls is sexist.
Please smite it HFA.


I firmly support the idea of this thread. The idea of this thread is to keep the sexism talk OUT of the GD thread, therefore making the GD thread a much more palatable place.

Now, having said that… the rampant cries sexism in Skullgirls is pure bullshit, or if nothing else entirely moot. Most of the people who are complaining are straight males complaining on the behalf of what they feel is an under-represented faction of the community (alienated because of the sexism, they claim), when in fact that simply isn’t true. I did some quick independent polling of the community, and based on information of the amount of frequent viewers and regular posters, I noticed two things:

  1. The percentage of people in the community who are hyped for Skullgirls that are female and/or LGBT is higher than average, almost STAGGERING.
  2. They don’t think the game is sexist, or if they do they really don’t seem to care much.

So really… as far as the subject of sexism goes, the debate is now over. Shut the hell up, because those whom you’re claiming are/could/should be offended aren’t. They don’t care. This is a game that a lot of people like, regardless of gender specifics.

Of course, if there are people here who actually want to continue beating this horse into paste on the concrete, go ahead and continue… just do it in this thread, and this thread only. Just know that continuing to argue that it IS sexist is pointless now, because (to quote Jim Sterling) “I’m right, and thank God for me.”


Yes but why can’t we just keep it out of the Skullgirls forum and make it a bannable offense to bring it up here :3.
It should go in the General Fighting Game Discussion if anywhere, since it isn’t any more relevant to Skullgirls than every other fighter out there and it’s presence here just hurts Skullgirls.


That’s not really a good argument, because you’ve only polled people who you know are into the game, and have no statistics for people who potentially could be into the game but were turned away. Its about as biased polling as you could get.


Welcome to polls, welcome to sample sizes, etc.


‘Other people make biased polls that don’t prove anything, so I can too!’