Self Assessment

I’ll go first. I’m really good with execution and combos. I’m bad at everything else. Blocking in this game is a nightmare, I can’t air throw or tech to save my life. I take way too many risks only cause I just want to do a lengthy combo. Half the times i don’t even care if I lose, just as long as I get an impressive combo in. I’m terrible at zoning, I guess that’s by team design, even then I just never like playing with a great zoning character, Dante’s got zoning tools but that’s not the reason I like him. I’m having issues with zoning in this game, Vanilla I was fine, but no invincibility on Berzerker slash makes it tough now. I have a lot to work on, but all I really work on is more combos.

Anyone else?

Sorry if there is already a thread like this, or this type isn’t allowed.


Based on your characters I’m gonna guess… Jonathan?

Haha, yeah. Interesting seeing you here. I’m assuming you dropped SF and jumped on UMVC3?
I noticed when we played SF, it didn’t feel like you really knew much about the game other than flashy Sak combos. It sounds like youre in the same situation here. Combos are only a small fraction that contribute to fighting games and if you really want to win, then you just have to drop the mentality of ‘combos, combos, combos’ and broaden your knowledge of the game and learn to apply it in your play. You have to land a hit to do a combo, but if you can’t land a hit (or worse, get hit), then you won’t have the opportunity to do one. You just have to invest in your practice time better.

As for me, I’m addicted to Joe’s triple jump and I only know how to use 1 1/2 of my characters…but I don’t care about this game o_O

I’m almost the opposite. I’m fairly shaky on combos, though I’m decent at the fairly simple ones I do. I’m good at spacing and blocking, and executing a strategy against my opponent, but 90% of the advanced combos I see in this game I immediately write off as completely out of my realm. I also have no variety and suck with any character outside of the 4 or 5 I play frequently. I don’t just suck at combos with other characters, I literally can’t move around or hit anyone with normals with other characters. But that’s really because I’m just totally disinterested in playing with most of the cast. I’m good at midrange keepaway/zoning, mostly just due to being good at spacing, as I don’t really have the ability to do any sort of complex projectile zoning (I played Morrigan in vanilla, and never was able to do any fireball flight cancel stuff, for example). I’m pretty good at resets with Wesker, especially if I’ve got Nova and his shield assist (some of that stuff can get fairly dirty, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t even scratched the surface on that yet). I’m not terribly good yet at working his command throw into my game legitimately though, but I’m working on that.

Oh, I actually suck at doing regular ABC combos because I play with a button scheme that makes me criss cross the buttons on my pad, rather than just smoothly going around the buttons in a continuous circle like you can if you’re using the default button scheme. Despite doing some tricky stuff with spacing, zoning, mixups, and resets with Wesker, I still always go crouching AB launcher, and rarely use his extended combos (although due to HSD and scaling, I’ve noticed that as long as I’ve got Spencer’s assist to continue the combo, the damage difference doesn’t seem to be that different from doing his full combo into assist, and either way I still need a reset to kill a character, so I just keep doing it this way. Plus, I see people drop that shit all the time, even in tourneys, and I never drop mine). It’s not that I can’t do them, since I can, but I have to actively think about doing ABC in order to go into his qcf moves, and when I do that my brain gets stupid and I become less good at the things that I’m usually superb at (movement, defense, spacing, mixups etc). Where it does hurt me though is when I happen to wind up with Wesker by his lonesome, and even though he’s on point, that does happen sometimes. So for that alone I need to work this out.

I generally feel ok with my progress so far though, I’ve played a couple pros online, and held my own (I’ve run into OMG Itz Andre quite a few times and beaten him more times than he’s beaten me, and a couple of them were in ranked, where I won), but I know that I’m still nowhere near top level players when it comes to executing at a super high level consistently, and by that I mean nowhere near even non-pro top level players. For one I’m not always the most consistent, and I don’t spend nearly enough time in training room (mostly because I work a lot, and when I get on I just want to play!). But, I’ve not been playing fighting games for very long at this point. I mean, I played SF2 on the SNES ages ago casually, and played MVC2 on the dreamcast, but only single player, and with nothing in between until MVC3 came out, which I didn’t really play until after EVO (I bought it day 1, played for a week, then got bored with it, but then it took watching EVO to make me see how good this game was, and realize there was a whole competitive community). I’ll get on a better training regimen before too long, and also work on getting to tournaments so I can be around high level play more often, so I feel pretty good about eventually getting a lot better. I feel like I understand the game at a high level, and have good instincts and fundamentals, so once I get automatic with advanced combos through more rigorous work, and get more exposure to high level play, I think I can get pretty good.

I can do moderate combos decently well, and can make a team to compliment a character I want to play. However, “getting in there” is my biggest issue, and no matter the character I use I always seem to end up playing keepaway. Right now on my Nemesis/CapAm/Doom team, I find myself just trying to keep people out of Nemesis since getting a hit in is downright impossible to me against the current points I see. He just doesn’t have a normal fast enough to not be frametrapped by Magneto/Wolverine/Wesker/etc Low Ls. I also call assists constantly, usually leading to me getting blown up easily, but when it’s just CapAm and Doom, I really can’t get in any other way than Doom Beams / Backflip crossup.

I drop combos because I forget what I’m doing. I can’t remember that you block by holding back. WTF is a throw tech?

I guess my keepaway is pretty good. Maybe.

I rely a lot on my assist for openings, and that sometimes lead to me losing a character. I jump around a lot cause I feel I’m less likely to eat a full combo airborne then I am with feet planted on the ground. For a team with two grapplers, I don’t use nearly as much grappling as I should; I sometimes lose characters using everything but a command grab to open people up. I can’t do RDP on the 1P side consistently though I have no problems doing a regular DP on the 2P side (same motion). Screen Shifts throw me off and I can never tell exactly where I’m at when it goes up. I can beat all the stuff that has a counter to it, but most things in this game don’t have one.