Self-Improvement Thread

I didn’t see any threads like this… So I apologize if one already exists. But I figured it might be cool for people to post their T.Hawk footage and for others to critique or say what that person is doing well. I’ve found that peer review is a very strong way to get better.

If something like this already exists, please let me know and I’ll remove the thread.

Anyone want to go first? :slight_smile:


Alright, I guess I’ll get the ball rolling…

I apologize in advance for the quality, I don’t have a video capture card. But my phone does take videos in 1080p, so the only downside is my camera skills. Which are actually rather steady in this video:

I realize I’m not that great with T.Hawk, so some critique would be great :).

I think you have great control. You play up front but play with a calmness. I have to be honest, I didn’t see you panic and that is huge with the Hawkalypse.

Pressure…walk forward more, I know that is a turbo line but it works here also. We don’t have the jab of doom anymore. Walking forward puts pressure on people and makes them get defensive…exactly what we want.

Block more, counter less. T Hawk is not top tier we know, but he does have some very good normals and punish options.

Overall I thought you played pretty darn good. I think your execution was your strong point. It doesn’t look like it all the time in the video but I think you did a good job executing…just not so much punishing.

B+ execution
B - positioning
C pressure/mixup
C - punish

P.S. I like this idea…lot of guts to put it out there to your contemporaries.

i’ve just picked up good ol’ Tommy Hawk today (let’s just say that AE is making me take that road again to find a new main) and i’m not going to say that i’m the #1 Hawk player, but i’ll try my best to compare notes with your style to mines.

*from what i saw you know how to pseudo dive kick using the Condor Dive, which is not entirely safe but also something that i personally have use all that much. that’s not to take any credit away from you landing them because let’s face it, it’s pretty damn funny see a 7ft Native America bro check a person from the sky. but like i said, if blocked it can easily punished; a nice alternative is using the to Splash crossover. the few times i lose out to a SRK is mainly because of bad timing; but almost every time i either hit, i’m able to block string either out of harm or into a tick 360, or the opponent whiffs completely.

*keeping on the Condor Dive subject, you can use it as a cross over; although i will admit it takes a bit of time to get use to the spacing to do it. mainly i use the EX version while jumping from mid screen, then delaying it slightly (but in a few instances i’ve use the normal one to pull it off). it catches people off and sometimes hits people that like to jump away on wake up, although this is something i’m going to have to look into a bit more. originally i found this out by accident, but started to notice it while i was in a match against a pretty good Sagat and how (with practice) can be another option added to Hawk’s gameplay.

*remember that his Heavy Shoulder is the best option for air to air combat. personally i keep thinking that Condor Dive should beat normals, but i’ve been hit by more things than i would like to be hit by. also a nice thing about using Heavy Shoulder is that when it does connect you doesn’t send you all the way to the other side of the screen, like how Condor Dive does. i will admit though i’m pretty sure it loses out to an air grab.

*your standing 360 execution was spot on, which was kind of a shame when it didn’t seem that you were using Hawk’s mix-up game to it’s fullest (although this might just be from a personal play style difference). personally i think if you’re going for the knock down, you might as well capitalize on it. also remember that you have a SRK option too while you’re waking up. a whiffed grab is never safe and it’s a bad habit to always go for the command grab.

*instead of jumping to close the distance gap you can whiff a Condor Spire (which also builds meter), whiff a short jump Condor Dive (also builds meter), or just dash. i will say though jumping in from a distance does let you connect a Condor Dive, you have to remember that it isn’t safe on block.

overall i think you did pretty well, a few things that could have gone better but it was a well deserved win. like i said i’m still learning how to use Tommy myself and the things i’m listing are just notes and ideas that you can take from with whatever you want.

Hey, this is great! :smiley: People finally replied on my thread.

@jedi: Yah, I really need to work on blocking with T.Hawk. I have a mentality that he can take the hits, and dish more back than he takes, so I tend to be really offensive… But I need to stop that >.<

@smashfury: I never thought to whiff a CS. I’m going to try that :).

Thank you both for the critique, I hope more people post videos of themselves too, I think some people just need that extra support and advice from other T.Hawkers.

if i can find a way to save my replays to youtube, i will post a replay of a strange match against a ryu player were i pulled off a 720 super and did the EX Condor Dive cross over. although it sounds impressive and i do win in the end, i feel that personally i played way too scrubby and probably should have gone to sleep way earlier in the day