Self-made programmable joystick


I crawled through some pages of the existing “programmable joystick”-thread, but since it’s more about “where to buy” and “how to do this and that”, I thought this might be worth a new thread.

Basically, I’m planning to do my own programmable joystick. I don’t (i.e. can’t, lol) mess around with micro controllers that can record and playback inputs, so I want to go another way: I connect the PCB to the serial port of my PC and send signals via a hand-written program. Yes, it required the joystick to be connected to my desktop computer and the console, but wth, it’s just for fun or testing.

What I currently have in my head:

  • solder the PCB contacts to a 25-pin d-sub-connector (4 directions, 8 action + 3 start/select/guide buttons = 15 pins)
  • find out if sending signals through the LPT port is as easy as I remember
  • find out at which intervals I can send these signals
  • find out which language to use (I rembember how to do this stuff in C, but maybe there’s a better way?)

Has anyone done something like that and can give hints? Suggestions?

Look up CodyK’s work connecting an Arduino to a 360 pad.