Self Powered AC current

I need a good feasible method of powering some components in my joystick without using the PS connector. My goal is relatively simple, to have a AC power supply, that I could hook up other stuff into, such as cold cathode or etc. Anyone an electrical engineer or has an idea? I can’t seem to find a cost effective solution, basically a transformer that connects to 3 pin computer plug. So AC to 3 Pin Computer plug, just like a normal PSU, but I need something tiny and super cheap :). Thanks! Or let me know another method, as long as it works, and its not costly. :rofl:

3 pin computer plug? I’m not sure what you mean by that. PC Fans standard connection is 3 pins but only 2 of them are for power (1 is for speed measurement); most other power connections in a PC are 4 pins. From what I understand you want a powerpack transformer that will plug into a wall socket and then into your joystick. I’d suggest finding something old you dont use and butchering the end of its transformer cord to use it; just make sure the voltage matches what your light needs and it can supply enough current to drive it.

The big honking cable that runs between your PC and the wall outlet.

pc1x1, are you SURE you require AC power in the stick itself? It’d be tons easier to use a wall wart power supply and put a jack for it to plug into in the stick.

I’m all for hard core mods, but needing a separate cord to plug into a wall outlet just seems silly.

but how can he take pride in his custom stick when it doesnt have a ice cream dispenser on the side???

you really don’t want AC mains power going right into your stick; that is a dangerous mod

it’s not that dangerous if you put a tiny ATX power supply in there or something.

Not a Grand idea…

Yea, I don’t need all the power from the AC current, but I didn’t want to have to use batteries.

The Wall wart is what I was looking for, but I don’t know how to hook it up to wires, I can just cut it, and match with it? I want to put a few “gadgets” on my stick, like Cold Cathode lights and stuff. Thats why I need the power. Doesn’t have to be much, I just need a way to get it there.

Little ATX psu is out of the question due to price, but its the right idea of what I wanted. I am Computer Engineer, so I have experience building computers, but no electrical per say.

BM the ice cream dispenser is a nice idea, I may try ;), couple that with a sandwich maker, and I have the best stick in the world.

Lol I wrote 3 pin :sweat:
The 4 Pin molex plug is what I meant from the 12V rails.

If you need 12v inside the case you probably have something you could use laying around. Just look for old chargers/power bricks (I know I have like 25 of them laying around from various shit) and find one with near 12V (I assume that’s what the cold cathode needs) then lookup the average current draw of the light and make sure the power block has at least that as a minimum (more is ok). What school do you go to that doesn’t teach an electrical background for CE?

I am still in the Pre Engineering phase, aka just doing Calculus and other maths, etc. Though I do build computers etc, but since normally thats with already done specs, I normally don’t deal more with electricity aside from measuring it,on rails, proc, etc.
I have a 12v charger but now what do I do lol. How can I connect that to the Cold cathode for starters. :slight_smile: