Self Replay


Okay, dumb question probably. I didn’t have time to play the beta.

Is it possible to watch my own replays? Is there a “battle log”?



Now, my expectation would be that someone would say “use the search function” or “read the stickies” but please understand that I have four daughters a wife and three jobs. I work 72 hours a week. Help a brother out. When I try to search for my own replays, I get nothing. Am I missing something?

Full disclosure: not really a brother.

Oh baby a triple!


uhh i can look at my replays just fine in my fighter profile at the main menu

if you’re on ps4 your ps4 autorecords the last 15 minutes so saving match videos is literally at the push of a button


PC. Checking.
Thank you. You’re amazing.

Double post


Please don’t double / triple post.