Selfless bus driver dies after protecting his passengers



This world lost a great man; a great person. It’s incredible how calm and responsible he was during his last moments. May he rest in peace.


That’s so sad. :frowning:


RIP homie! Very collective during the entire incident.


Finally, someone with a heart in China!


Wu Bin, they will sing songs and tell stories of your heroic actions in the halls of Valhalla.


He will be forgotten by tomorrow and those people on the bus will be shitting in the middle of parks.


Thats very sad, dude is a hero aka savage.

Why was random debris flying through the air?


Came from a truck going the other way.


Hero is an understatement, he is a Bodhisattva.


That is a true man and with any luck a memorial will be created in his honor.


There damn well better be. That man is an example to us all.


Finally, some good news for a change. It’s too bad it had an unfortunate end.

He took the blow pretty well, all things considered.


I seen the title of this thread and thought it was going to be a troll and show me that one Travelocity commercial. I woulda flipped the fuck out if that happened to me though. That man is a boss.


Maybe someday this forum will be so considerate of others.


damn man, flying piece of metal outta the fucking nowhere. Props on him still taking responsibility.


Good night sweet Prince.


God i hope not.
These things are earned,not given.


Master Wu Bin, I wish I had been on your chest that day! :crybaby:


[LEFT]weird how the driver looked unharmed when he stood…anyway this wouldn’t have happened if he had worn his vest[/LEFT]


So the people on the bus ‘earned it’? No. This guy made a great sacrifice which is why others hail him as a hero.

What I find sad is that we could all be heroes everyday if we wanted to. We have that choice. But instead, most will simply take the easy route and be selfish assholes.